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XX International Linac Conference

TUD09 (Poster)

Presenter: Motoharu Mizumoto (JAERI)
Status: Complete
FullText: ps.gz or pdf
Eprint: physics/0008180

Development of Superconducting linac for the KEK/JAERI Joint Project

N. Ouchi, M. Mizumoto, J.Kusano, E.Chishiro, K.Hasegawa, N.Akaoka, (JAERI), K.Saito, S.Noguchi, E.Kako, H.Inoue, T.Shishido, M.Ono (KEK), K.Mukugi, C.Tsukishima (MELCO), O.Takeda (Toshiba Corporation), M.Matsuoka (MHI)

The JAERI/KEK Joint Project for high-intensity proton accelerator facility has been proposed with the superconducting (SC) linac option from 400 MeV to 600MeV. System design of the SC linac has been carried out based on the equipartitioning concept. The SC linac is planned to use as the injector to the 3GeV rapid cycling synchrotron for spallation neutron source after it meets the requirement to the momentum spread of 0.1%. In the R&D work for SC cavities, vertical tests of single-cell and 5 cell cavities were performed. Maximum surface electric field of 51MV/m was obtained in the beta=0.89 cavity. The experiments on multi-cell (5 cell) cavities of beta=0.5 and beta=0.89 were also started with preliminary values of maximum surface electric field of 18MV/m and 20MV/m, respectively. A model describing dynamic Lorentz detuning for SC cavities has been developed when they are operated with pulse mode. The validity of the model was confirmed experimentally. The design work and fabrication of the prototype cryomodule are in progress. The system design of the SC proton linac, present status of the R&D work and the new model for the dynamic Lorentz detuning will be presented

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