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XX International Linac Conference

MOE14 (Poster)

Presenter: Michael Zeitlin (IPME RAS)
Status: Complete
FullText: ps.gz or pdf
Eprint: physics/0008043

Multiscale Analysis of RMS Envelope Dynamics


We present applications of methods from nonlinear(local) Fourier analysis or wavelet analysis to a number of nonlinear accelerator physics problems. This is continuation of our results which were presented on PAC97/99 EPAC98/00[1]. Our approach is based on methods provided possibility to work with well-localized in phase space bases, which gives the most sparse representation for the general type of operators and good convergence properties[2]. Consideration of transverse dynamics of relativistic, space-charge dominated beams is based on variational approach to rational (in dynamical variables) approximation for rms envelope equations and allows us to control contribution from each scale of underlying multiresolution expansion both for dynamical variables and for energy spectrum[3].
[1] Nonlinear Accelerator Problems via Wavelets, parts 1-8, Proc.PAC99, IEEE, 1614,1617,1620,2900,2903,2906,2909,2912.
[2] American Institute of Physics, Conf. Proc., vol. 468, Nonlinear and Collective Phenomena in Beam Physics, pp. 48-68, 69-93, 1999
[3] Variational-Wavelet Approach to RMS Envelope Equations Los Alamos, physics/0003095

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