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XX International Linac Conference

THC15 (Poster)

Presenter: James Fockler (LBNL)
Status: Incomplete - No full text

Design of a 2 MV, 15 Hz, Four Pulse Induction Linac Module for Phase-energy Rotation of a Muon Beam*

J. Fockler, M. Green, R. Lafever, D. Vanacek, S. Yu (LBNL)

This paper describes a conceptual design for a 2 MV induction linac module for a 200 MeV muon beam phase rotation section of a proposed nuetrino source at Fermilab. Each module produces four identical 100 ns wide, bipolar pulses in 1.3 ms and operates continuously at 15 Hz. A module consists of a 1 m long induction cell, superconducting solenoids for transverse focussing, and a four pulse generator. The induction cell layout is optimized to incorporate the superconducting solemoids and provide a high acceleration gradient of 2 MV/m. Tradeoffs on the choice of Finemet or Metglass core materials are discussed. The pulse generator utilizes fast cell core reset between pulses to minimize the size of the cores and convert the unipolar pulses from the four pulse souce to bipolar pulses at the acceleration gap. The four pulse source consists of a unique circuit topology that uses series connected pulseforming lines with saturable reactor switching. The pulseforming lines are pulse charged via magnetic pulse compressors with Thyristor switching.
*Work supported by the US Department of Energy under contract DE-AC03-76SF00098

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