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XX International Linac Conference

THA19 (Poster)

Presenter: R. Ruth (SLAC)
Status: Complete
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A New Configuration for Two-Beam Linear Colliders

J. Irwin, R.D. Ruth (SLAC)

The most promising approach to multi-TeV Linear Colliders is the Two-Beam approach being pursued at Cern. In this technique the energy for acceleration is provided by a drive beam which is accelerated efficiently by a fully loaded, low-frequency linac. To achieve the correct pulse structure, the beam is compressed in delay rings before delivery to the linac where it is decelerated. The resulting high-frequency RF power is transferred to the main linac accelerator structures to accelerate the primary beams. In this paper we discuss the application of this technique to lower frequency, x-band, and we discuss a new configuration for the generation of the drive beam. We show how the RF power pulse for the drive beam can be extended to be used to accelerate the main beam up to the injection energy of 8 GeV. We also show a recirculating configuration for the drive beam which can substantially reduce the number of RF sources necessary for the Linear Collider.

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