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XX International Linac Conference

TH203 (Invited)

Presenter: Gregg Penn (LBNL)
Status: Complete
FullText: ps.gz or pdf

Simulation of the Ionization Cooling of Muons in Linear RF Systems*

G. Penn, J.S. Wurtele (UC Berkeley / LBNL CBP)

Ionization cooling of muon beams is a crucial component of the proposed muon collider and neutrino factory. Current studies of cooling channels predominantly use simulations which track single particle, an often time consuming procedure. These simulation efforts are discussed and compared with analytic studies using equations for the beam moments in a linear channel. These dynamic equations, which are analogous to the Courant-Snyder description of quadrupole focussing, incorporate the basic aspects of ionization cooling: energy loss and scattering in material, acceleration by radio frequency (RF) cavities, and focussing in solenoid magnets. This formalism is used to study a wide range of cooling channels, and to evaluate the impact of engineering constraints on cooling channel performance.
* This work supported by the US Department of Energy Division of High Energy Physics.

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