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XX International Linac Conference

TUD14 (Poster)

Presenter: H. Vernon Smith (LANL)
Status: Complete
FullText: pdf
Eprint: physics/0008170

Status Report on the Low-Energy Demonstration Accelerator (LEDA)*


As part of the linac design for the accelerator production of tritium (APT) project, the 75-keV injector [1] and 6.7-MeV RFQ [2] that comprise the first portion of that cw, 100-mA proton accelerator have been built and tested. Primary objectives of this low-energy demonstration accelerator (LEDA) are to verify the design codes, gain fabrication knowledge, understand beam operation, and improve prediction of costs and operational availability for the full 1000- to 1700-MeV APT accelerator. Since PAC99 [3], extensive pulsed and cw 100-mA beam tests of the LEDA injector and RFQ [4] have been made. Up to 2.2 MW of CW RF power from the 350-MHz RF system [5] is coupled into the RFQ, including 670 kW for the cw proton beam. The RFQ output beam emittance is measured [6] using the quadrupole magnet scan technique. Preliminary analysis of these measurements [7] indicates it is important to include non-linear space-charge effects in determining the RFQ output beam emittance. A follow-on experiment, to intentionally introduce and measure beam halo on the RFQ output beam, is now being installed. Potential uses of the LEDA injector and RFQ in other applications, such as accelerator transmutation of waste (ATW), will be discussed.
[1] J. D. Sherman et al., 'Status Report on a dc 130-mA, 75-keV Proton Injector,' Rev. Sci. Instrum. 69 (1998) 1003-1008.
[2] D. Schrage et al., 'CW RFQ Fabrication and Engineering', Proc. LINAC98 (Chicago, 24-28 August 1998) pp. 679-683.
[3] J. D. Schneider, 'Operation of the Low-Energy Demonstration Accelerator: the Proton Injector for APT,' Proc. PAC99 (New York, 29 March - 2 April 1999) pp. 503-507.
[4] L. M. Young, 'High Power Operations of LEDA,' this conference.
[5] D. E. Rees et al., 'Design, Operation, and Test Results of 350 MHz LEDA RF System,' Proc. LINAC98 (Chicago, 24-28 August 1998) pp. 564-566.
[6] M. E. Schulze et al., 'Beam Emittance Measurements of the LEDA RFQ,' this conference.
[7] W. P. Lysenko et al., 'Determining the Phase-Space Properties of the LEDA RFQ Output Beam,' this conference.
* Work supported by the US DOE, Defense Programs.

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