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XX International Linac Conference

FR103 (Invited)

Presenter: Jean-Michel Lagniel (CEA)
Status: Complete
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Linac Architecture for High Power Proton Sources

Jean-Michel Lagniel (CEA-Saclay, DSM-DAPNIA-SEA)

High-power proton linacs are needed as driver for several applications. For accelerator based transmutation of nuclear waste the beam energy must be around 1 GeV to produce spallation neutrons with a high efficiency. Beam power about 5 MW is needed for a 100 MWth ATW demonstration facility when an industrial plant could require 20 to 40 MW beam power. Spallation neutron sources are based on Pulsed H- linacs to inject by stripping in rings with low particle losses. Mean beam power of 5 MW at 1.3 GeV and 2 MW at 1 GeV must be achieved for the European Spallation Source (ESS) and for the US Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) respectively. Beams with similar parameters are also at the heart of several new projects in other fields of basic and applied research (next generation of radioactive ion beam facilities, neutrino factories, muon colliders, irradiation facilities for material testing...). The possible architectures for these high power proton linacs will be compared with a review of the key elements of the accelerator. The specific needs of the different applications will be taken into account and the possible synergies will be pointed out. The concept of single high-power proton linac used as driver for a multi-user facility will be also discussed.

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