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XX International Linac Conference

TUC02 (Poster)

Presenter: Marc Mouillet (CEA)
Status: Complete
FullText: pdf

First results of the AIRIX induction accelerator

M. Mouillet*,R. Boivinet*,F. Bombardier*, J. Delvaux*, E. Merle*,O. Pierret*,J.C. Ribes** Ph. Anthouard***,J. Bardy***,A. Devin***,J. de Mascureau***

The AIRIX flash X-Ray radiographic facility is now under characterization at Moronvilliers near Reims. The 1.92-3.5kA/60ns electron beam has been accelerated and transported by the 64 induction cells from 4 to 20 MeV (250kV/cell). We present the acceptance test of the machine, made with the 3.0 kA elctron beam. We review, in this paper, the characteristics and the performances of the induction cells and the 32 H.V. generators. We relate, also, the experiment that was done to minimize the X-ray focal spot, and to maximize the dose. The first objectives, to have a diameter of the focal spot smaller than 2mm, and a dose greater than 300 Rad @ 1m, has been reached.
* CEA - PEM F51490 Pontfaverger - France
** URCA - UniversitH de Reims Champagne-Ardenne - F51687 REIMS cedex2 France
*** CEA - CESTA BP2 F33114 Le Barp France

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