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XX International Linac Conference

THA03 (Oral Poster)

Presenter: Erik Jongewaard (SLAC)
Status: Complete
FullText: ps.gz or pdf
Eprint: hep-ex/0008038

The Next Linear Collider Klystron Development Program*


Klystrons capable of 75 MW output power at 11.4 GHz have been under development at SLAC for the last decade. The work has been part of the program to realize all the components necessary for the construction of the Next Linear Collider (NLC). The effort has produced a family of solenoid-focused 50-MW klystrons, which are currently powering a 0.5-GeV test accelerator at SLAC, as well as several test stands, where high power components are evaluated and fundamental research is performed on rf breakdown. Continuing development has resulted in a Periodic Permanent Magnet (PPM) focused 50-MW klystron, tested at SLAC and subsequently contracted for manufacture by industry in England and Japan. A 75-MW version of that PPM klystron was built at SLAC and reached 80 MW, with 3-microsecond pulses. Based on this design, a prototype 75-MW klystron, designed for low-cost manufacture, is currently under development at SLAC, and will eventually be procured from industry in modest quantities for advanced NLC tests. Beyond these developments, the design of Multiple Beam Klystrons (MBKs) is under study at SLAC. MBKs offer the possibility of considerably lower modulator costs by producing comparable power to the klystrons now available, at much lower voltages.
* Work supported at SLAC under U.S. DOE contract DE-AC03-76SF00515

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