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XX International Linac Conference

THE19 (Poster)

Presenter: Yoon Kang (ANL)
Status: Complete
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Fast RF Ferrite Phase Shifter for High-Power Applications*

Y. Kang, ANL, R. Fuja (ORNL)

It is considered that fast rf phase shifters are needed in the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) linac between rf generators and accelerating cavities when one klystron feeds more than one cavity. The configuration with one klystron for many cavities needs orthogonal controls of magnitude and phase of rf power in order to preserve system performance while reducing construction cost. For this reason, waveguide ferrite phase shifter designs have been investigated to determine if the desired rf specifications can be satisfied. They must satisfy high-speed and high-power requirements: 500 kW peak with 8 % duty cycle, and less than 100 microsecond for about 60 degrees of phase shift. Results of the investigation into the rf properties of a waveguide phase shifter design are discussed and presented.

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