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XX International Linac Conference

TUD07 (Poster)

Presenter: Yoshishige Yamazaki (KEK)
Status: Complete
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The Construction of the Low-Energy Front 60-MeV Linac for the JAERI/KEK Joint Project

Y. Yamazaki (KEK), and the JAERI/KEK Joint Accelerator Team

The construction of the 60-MeV linac has been started as the low-energy front of the JAERI/KEK Joint Project for high-intensity proton accelerator facility. The linac comprises a volume-production type negative hydrogen ion source, 3-MeV RFQ linac, 50-MeV Drift-tube linac (DTL) and a separated DTL. The accelerating frequency is 324 MHz. The beam commissioning of the ion source, the low-energy beam transport (LEBT), and hopefully the RFQ linac will be started by the time of the conference. The total system of the linac is here summarized, while the detail of each component is presented in other papers for this conference. Since the linac was originally approved for the Japan Hadron Facility (JHF), the designed peak current was 30 mA. This will be upgraded to 50 mA for the Joint Project.

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