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XX International Linac Conference

MOD02 (Poster)

Presenter: Peter Ostroumov (ANL)
Status: Complete
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Eprint: physics/0008185

Multiple Charge State Beam Acceleration at ATLAS*


Simultaneous acceleration of multiple charge-state beams has been proposed as a method of substantially increasing the available beam current for the heaviest ions from a RIA (Rare Isotope Accelerator) driver linac [1]. Although there have been a few experiments demonstrating the feasibility of such a concept, there is presently no facility where multiple charge-state beam acceleration is used intentionally to increase the beam current. Therefore, in order to develop the concept we propose to accelerate a multiple charge-state beam in the existing ATLAS heavy-ion linac, and to perform careful measurements of the accelerated beam parameters for comparison with the results of numerical simulations. The acceleration of multiple charge-state uranium beams has been observed at the ATLAS booster as part of the 'normal' uranium beam configuration. However, up to the present time the multiple-charge states have been considered parasitic and systematic studies of all the accelerated charge states have not been done. A new stripper target will be installed upstream, but close to the entrance of the Booster section of ATLAS. Careful tuning of the booster by a 'guide' 60Ni10+ beam from the tandem will then be performed. Uranium beam U+26 from ECR will be accelerated up to 310 MeV (~1.3 MeV/u) and stripped. The mixture of charge states near q=40 will be simultaneously accelerated in the booster. The parameters of each selected charge state will be carefully measured. The status of these experiments and experimental results measuring the properties of multiple charge-state beams will be discussed and compared with the results of numerical simulation.
[1] K. W. Shepard, et al., in Proc. of the 9th Workshop on RF Superconductivity, November 1-5, 1999, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
* Work supported by the U. S. Department of Energy under contract W-31-109-ENG-38

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