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XX International Linac Conference

THD09 (Poster)

Presenter: Sang-ho Kim (ORNL)
Status: Complete
FullText: ps.gz or pdf
Eprint: physics/0008208

Efficient Design Scheme of Superconducting Cavity


For many next-generation high intensity proton accelerator applications including the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS), superconducting RF has been the technology of choice for the linac. In designing the superconducting cavity, several features, such as peak fields, inter-cell coupling, mechanical stiffness, manufacturability, shunt impedance, higher order mode (HOM), etc., should be considered together. A systematic approach to determine the optimum cavity shape is introduced by exploring the entire geometric space of the cavity. The most efficient use of RF energy can be accomplished by adjusting the cell shape. A small region in parameter space satisfying all reaasonable design criteria has been found. With this design procedure, choosing the optimum shape is simplified. In this paper, the whole design procedure of this optimization scheme is explained using the SNS cavity.

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