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XX International Linac Conference

THB05 (Poster)

Presenter: Juergen Pozimski (IAP, Frankfurt)
email: juergen@mikro1.physik.uni-frankf
Status: Complete
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Influence of space charge fluctuations on low energy beam transport of high current ion beams.

J. Pozimski, A. Jakob, O. Meusel, A. Lakatos, H. Klein (IAP, Frankfurt)

For future high current ion accelerators like SNS, ESS or IFMIF the beam behaviour in low energy beam transport sections is dominated by space charge forces. Therefore space charge fluctuations (e. g. source noise) can drastically influence the beam transport properties of the low energy beam transport section. Losses of beam ions and emittance growth are the most severe problems. For electrostatic transport systems either a LEBT design has to be found which is insensitive to variations of the space charge or the origin of the fluctuations has to be eliminated. For space charge compensated transport as proposed for ESS and IFMIF the situation is different: No major influence on beam transport is expected for fluctuations below a cut-off frequency given by the production rate of the compensation particles. Above this frequency the fluctuations can not be compensated by particle production alone, but redistributions of the compensation particles helps to compensate the influence of the fluctuations. Above a second cut-off frequency given by the density and the temperature of the compensation particles their redistribution is too slow to reduce the influence of the space charge fluctuations. Transport simulations for the IFMIF injector including space charge fluctuations will be presented together with a determination of the cut-off frequencies. The results will be compared with measurements of the rise time of space charge compensation.

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