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XX International Linac Conference

TH204 (Invited)

Presenter: David Douglas (TJNAF)
Status: Complete
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Eprint: physics/0007094

The Jefferson Lab 1 kW IR FEL*

D. Douglas (TJNAF), for the Jefferson Lab IR Demonstration FEL Project Team

The Jefferson Lab IR Demo FEL has completed construction and commissioning, and is at present making a successful transition to user service. The FEL - a high repetition rate, low extraction efficiency wiggler-driven optical cavity resonator - has produced in excess of 1 kW tunable light on intervals in a 3-6 micron wavelength range. It is driven by a 35-48 MeV, 5 mA SRF-based energy-recovering CW electron linac utilizing standard CEBAF components. The driver accelerator design conforms to numerous constraints driven by low beam energy, high beam current, and a need for stringent control of beam properties at the wiggler and during energy recovery. These requirements are imposed by the need for transverse and longitudinal phase space management, the existence of potentially deleterious collective phenomena (space charge, wakefields, beam break-up, and coherent synchrotron radiation), and interactions between the FEL and the accelerator RF system. We will detail the FEL and driver accelerator design, relate commissioning highlights, and discuss present and anticipated future system performance.
* Support provided by D.O.E. contract #DOE-1846-J053A1

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