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XX International Linac Conference

TU103 (Invited)

Presenter: Christoph Leemann (Jefferson Lab)
Status: Complete
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RIA Project

C.W. Leemann (Jefferson Lab)

The envisioned Rare-Isotope Accelerator (RIA) facility will substantially expand opportunities for nuclear studies based on radioactive ion beams. RIA will combine increased intensities with a greatly expanded variety of high-quality rare-isotope beams. RIA's flexible superconducting driver linac will provide 100 kW, 400 MeV/nucleon beams of any stable isotope from hydrogen to uranium onto production targets. To maximize yields for some spallation processes, operation in the 200-400 MeV/nucleon range is also planned. Combinations of projectile fragmentation, target fragmentation, fission, and spallation will produce the needed broad assortment of short-lived secondary beams. After separation, the selected rare isotopes can be accelerated and directed to fixed-target experiments. Other experiments will use stopped and trapped isotopes. Prospective additional capabilities are the use of projectile fragment beams directly while in flight and an upgrade to 400 kW to increase experiment multiplicity and yields of rare species.

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