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XX International Linac Conference

WE103 (Invited)

Presenter: Edward Cook (LLNL)
Status: Complete
FullText: pdf
Eprint: physics/0008189

Review of Solid-State Modulators*


Solid-state modulators for pulsed power applications have been a goal since the first fast high-power semiconductor devices became available. Recent improvements in both the speed and peak power capabilities of devices developed for the power conditioning and traction industries have led to a new generation of solid-state switched high power modulators with performance rivaling that of hard tube modulators and thyratrons. These new solid-state devices offer the promise of higher efficiency and longer lifetimes at a time when availability of standard technologies is becoming questionable. A brief discussion of circuit topologies and solid-state devices is followed by examples of modulators currently in use or in test. This presentation is intended to give an overview of the current capabilities of solid-state modulators in various applications.
*This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy by University of California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract No. W-7405-Eng-48.

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