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XX International Linac Conference

TUE14 (Poster)

Presenter: Sergey Korenev (STERIS Isomedix Services)
Status: Complete
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Critical Analysis of Industrial Electron Linacs


The electron Linacs found wide industrial and medical applications. The industrial Linacs include the systems for scanning and output electron beam to air with Ti foil window. The critical analysis of electron Linacs for sterilization, and treatment of materials (degradation of PTFE, synthesis of oxides, curing of composites and others), food safety is considered in this report. The kind of radiation technologies on the basis of electron beams determines the type of electron Linacs. The main demands to industrial electron accelerators are possible variations of the beam parameters: kinetic energy, power, current. The questions of regulation of these parameters are considered. The opportunities for variation of conditions for scanning of electron beams and produce of parallel scanning electron beam are discussed. The technical solutions for increasing of factor for using electron beam are considered. The different level of absorbed doses in the irradiated product and throughput determines the main parameters of electron accelerator. The variant of ideal electron Linac for industrial applications is discussed.

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