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XX International Linac Conference

THE05 (Poster)

Presenter: Gerald Hutter (GSI)
Status: Complete
FullText: pdf
Eprint: physics/0008135

The RF-System of the new GSI High Current Linac HSI

G. Hutter, W. Gutowski, W. Hartmann, G. Kube, M. Pilz, W. Vinzenz (GSI, Planckstr. 1, 64291 Darmstadt, Germany)

The RF part of the new high current injector-linac HSI consists of five cavities with the new operating frequency of 36 MHz instead of 27 MHz of the removed Wideroe type injector. The calculated power requirements of the cavities including beam load in three structures were between 110 kW for a rebuncher and 1.75 MW pulse power for the two IH-cavities. The beam load is up to 150 kW for the RFQ and up to 750 kW for the two drift tube tanks. An additional 36 MHz debuncher in the transfer line to the synchrotron (SIS) will need 120 kW pulse power. We decided to fulfil these demands with amplifiers of only two power classes, namely three amplifiers with 2 MW and six amplifiers with 200 kW pulse output power. The latter ones are also used as drivers for the 2 MW stages. The 200 kW amplifiers were specified in detail by GSI and ordered in the industry. The three 2 MW final amplifiers were designed , constructed and built by GSI. The paper gives an overview of the complete RF system and the operating performance of amplitude and phase control with beam load. It further describes some specialities of the new 2 MW amplifiers like the simplicity of the anode circuit, a very sophisticated socket for a cathode driven amplifier with cathode on dc ground, the parasitic mode-suppression, shielding and filtering of unallowable RF-radiation and operating experience since October 1999.

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