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XX International Linac Conference

THD01 (Poster)

Presenter: Maurizio Vretenar (CERN)
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RF Design, Tuning and Measurements of a 3 GHz Side- coupled Structure for Proton Therapy

M. Vretenar, R. Zennaro (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland), D. Davino, M.R. Masullo, V.G. Vaccaro (University INFN of Naples, Italy), M. Weiss (TERA Foundation, Italy)

In the framework of a collaboration between CERN, the Universities and INFN of Milan and Naples and the TERA Foundation, a 3 GHz Side-coupled structure to accelerate protons between 62 and 74 MeV has been designed, built and tested at CERN. This is intended to be the first of 9 modules of a 200 MeV Linac-Booster (LIBO) to post-accelerate the beam from existing cyclotrons up to an energy range useful for treatment of deep cancerous tumours. Each module is composed of 4 tanks of 25 cells each, connected by bridge-couplers, and fed by a klystron. The procedure followed for the RF design and for the tuning of the small 3 GHz Side-coupled cells and of the 3-cell magnetically-coupled bridge- couplers is described. The results of the low-level RF measurements are given, which are followed by high power tests at CERN.

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