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XX International Linac Conference

FR201 (Invited)

Presenter: Winfried Barth (GSI)
Status: Complete
FullText: pdf
Eprint: physics/0008087

Commissioning of the 1.4 MeV/u High Current Heavy Ion Linac at GSI

W. Barth (GSI)

The disassembly of the Unilac prestripper linac of the Widere type took place at the beginning of 1999, aiming at the filling of SIS up to the space charge limit. An increasing of more than two orders of magnitude in particle number for the most heavy elements in the SIS had to be fullfilled. Since that time the new High Current Injector (HSI) consisting of H-type RFQ and DTL-structures for dual beam operation was installed and successfully commissioned. The High Charge Injector (HLI) supplied the main linac during that time. Simultaneously conditioning and running in of the rf-transmitters and rf-structures were done. The HSI commissioning strategy included beam investigation after each transport and acceleration section, using a versatile diagnostic test stand. Results of the extensive commissioning program (e.g. transverse emittance, bunch width, beam transmission) behind LEBT, RFQ, Superlense, IH tank I and II and stripping section will be discussed. An Ar1+ beam coming from a MUCIS ion source was used to fill the linac up to the theoretical space charge limit. Routine operation started in November 1999. Experiences of the accelerator with a 3mA U4+ beam and a 8mA Ar1+ beam will be reported too.

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