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XX International Linac Conference

MOB05 (Poster)

Presenter: Yoshio Yamazaki (KEK)
Status: Complete
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Development of the Electron Gun for the JNC High Power Linac

Y.YAMAZAKI, M.NOMURA (JNC, Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute)

An electron gun extracting high average current beam has been developed for the high power electron linac at Japan nuclear cycle development institute (JNC). In the design of the linac, the average power is 200kW at the maximum (average current : 20mA, beam energy : 10MeV) . It is driven with long macro pulse width (max. 4msec), its duty factor is attained at 20 %. We adopted 200kV DC power supply to apply high voltage for the gun. To control of its macro pulse width, we investigated two type grids. One is a conventional mesh grid, and another is an aperture grid. In the mesh grid case, a part of the beam cut off by the mesh grid cause heating-up the mesh, and grid emission is also significant problem for the high duty linac. In the case of the aperture grid, it doesnEft cut off the beam from the cathode surface. We will report the performance and problems of these two type systems.

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