Conveners: Nathaniel Craig, Csaba Csaki, Aida X. El-Khadra

Frontier Summary Report arXiv:2211.05772

Topical Group Reports:

        String Theory, Quantum Gravity, and Black Holes arXiv:2210.01737
                Conveners: Daniel Harlow, Shamit Kachru, Juan Maldacena
        Effective Field Theory Techniques arXiv:2210.03199
                Conveners: Patrick Draper, Ira Rothstein
        Conformal Field Theory and Formal Quantum Field Theory arXiv:2210.03128
                Conveners: David Poland, Leonardo Rastelli
        Scattering Amplitudes arXiv:2210.03146
                Conveners: Zvi Bern, Jaroslav Trnka
        Lattice Gauge Theory arXiv:2209.10758
                Conveners: Zohreh Davoudi, Taku Izubuchi, Ethan T. Neil
        Theory Techniques for Precision Physics arXiv:2209.10639
                Conveners: Radja Boughezal, Zoltan Ligeti
        Collider Phenomenology arXiv:2210.02591
                Conveners: Fabio Maltoni, Shufang Su, Jesse Thaler
        Beyond-Standard-Model Model Building arXiv:2210.03075
                Conveners: Patrick J. Fox, Graham D. Kribs, Hitoshi Murayama
        Astro-Particle Physics and Cosmology arXiv:2209.06854
                Conveners: Daniel Green, Joshua T. Ruderman, Benjamin R. Safdi,
                      Jessie Shelton
        Quantum Information Science arXiv:2209.14839
                Conveners: Simon Catterall, Roni Harnik, Veronika E. Hubeny
        Theory of Neutrino Physics arXiv:2209.07983
                Conveners: André de Gouvêa, Irina Mocioiu, Saori Pastore,
                      Louis E. Strigari

Cross-Frontier Reports:

T. Roser et al. Report of the Snowmass 2021 Collider Implementation Task Force arXiv:2208.06030
K. M. Black et al. Report of the Snowmass 2021 Muon Collider Forum arXiv:2209.01318
M. Chamizo Llatas et al. Report of the Snowmass 2021 Electron-Positron Collider Forum arXiv:2209.03472
A. Boveia et al. Snowmass 2021 Dark Matter Complementarity Report arXiv:2210.01770

Contributed Papers:

General - centered on this frontier

J. de Blas et al. The Physics Case of a 3 TeV muon Collider Stage arXiv:2203.07261
P. Agrawal et al. Warped Compactifications in Particle Physics, Cosmology and Quantum Gravity arXiv:2203.07533
J. M. Campbell et al. Event Generators for High-Energy Physics Experiments arXiv:2203.11110

General - cross-listed

A. Blondel et al. FCC-ee: Your Questions Answered arXiv:1906.02693
L. A. Anchordoqui, et al. The Forward Physics Facility: Sites, Experiments, and Physics Potential arXiv:2109.10905
J. Arrington et al. Physics Opportunities for the Fermilab Booster Replacement arXiv:2203.03925
J. L. Feng et al. The Forward Physics Facility at the High-Luminosity LHC arXiv:2203.05090
G. Bernardi The Future Circular Collider: a Summary for the US 2021 Snowmass Process arXiv:2203.06520
P. J. Fox et al. DIMUS: Super-Compact Dimuonium Spectroscopy Collider at Fermilab arXiv:2203.07144
Chiara Aimè Muon Collider Physics Summary arXiv:2203.07256
A. Aryshev The International Linear Collider arXiv:2203.07622
P. C. Bhat Future Collider Options for the US arXiv:2203.08088
E. Barzi et al. High Energy & High Luminosity γγ Colliders arXiv:2203.08353
E. Barzi et al. In Search of Excellence and Equity in Physics arXiv:2203.10393
A. Berlin Searches for New Particles, Dark Matter, and Gravitational Waves with SRF Cavities arXiv:2203.12714
R. Abdul Khalek et al. Electron Ion Collider for High Energy Physics arXiv:2203.13199
H. Cheng et al. The Physics Potential of the CEPC arXiv:2205.08553
E. Barzi et al. How Community Agreements Can Improve Workplace Culture in Physics arXiv:2209.06755

String Theory, Quantum Gravity, and Black Holes

R. Bousso et al. Quantum Aspects of Black Holes and the Emergence of Spacetime arXiv:2201.03096
P. Berglund et al. Quantum Gravity and Phenomenology: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Vacuum Selection, Emergent Spacetime, and Wormholes arXiv:2202.05104
P. Berglund et al. Infrared Properties of Quantum Gravity: UV/IR Mixing, Gravitizing the Quantum – Theory and Observation arXiv:2202.06890
S. B. Giddings. The Deepest Problem: Some Perspectives on Quantum Gravity arXiv:2202.08292
I. Bena et al. Micro- and Macro-Structure of Black Holes arXiv:2203.04981
R. Flauger et al. Cosmology at the Theory Frontier arXiv:2203.07629
M. Cvetic et al. String Theory and Particle Physics arXiv:2204.01742
K. M. Zurek et al. Observational Signatures of Quantum Gravity arXiv:2205.01799
J. de Boer et al. Frontiers of Quantum Gravity: shared challenges, converging directions arXiv:2207.10618

Effective Field Theory Techniques

C. de Rham et al. UV Constraints on IR Physics arXiv:2203.06805
T. Cohen et al. Effective Field Theory Matching and Applications arXiv:2203.07336
W. Shepherd. SMEFT at the LHC and Beyond arXiv:2203.07406
G. Cabass et al. Effective Field Theories in Cosmology arXiv:2203.08232
T. Brauner et al. Effective Field Theories for Condensed Matter Systems arXiv:2203.10110
N. Craig. Naturalness arXiv:2205.05708
W. D. Goldberger. Effective Field Theories of Gravity and Compact Binary Dynamics arXiv:2206.14249

Conformal Field Theory and Formal Quantum Field Theory

S. Pasterski, et al. Celestial Holography arXiv:2111.11392
A. L. Fitzpatrick et al. Hamiltonian Truncation arXiv:2201.11696
S. M. Harrison et al. Moonshine arXiv:2201.13321
R. Gopakumar et al. Bootstrapping String Theory arXiv:2202.07163
P. C. Argyres et al. White Paper on SuperConformal Field Theories arXiv:2202.07683
T. Hartman et al. The Analytic Conformal Bootstrap arXiv:2202.11012
M. Kruczenski et al. S-Matrix Bootstrap arXiv:2203.02421
I. Bah et al. Physical Mathematics 2021 arXiv:2203.05078
M. Dedushenko. The Quest to Define QFT arXiv:2203.08053
D. Poland et al. The Numerical Conformal Bootstrap arXiv:2203.08117
C. Cordova et al. Generalized Symmetries in Quantum Field Theory and Beyond arXiv:2205.09545

Scattering Amplitudes

J. L. Bourjaily et al. Functions Beyond Multiple Polylogarithms for Precision Collider Physics arXiv:2203.07088
A. Buonanno et al. Gravitational Waves and Scattering Amplitudes arXiv:2204.05194
T. Adamo et al. The Double Copy and its Applications arXiv:2204.06547
X. Bekaert et al. Higher Spin Gravity and Higher Spin Symmetry arXiv:2205.01567
N. Arkani-Hamed et al. Solving Scattering in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills Theory arXiv:2207.10636

Lattice Gauge Theory

D. Boyda et al. Applications of Machine Learning to Lattice Quantum Field Theory arXiv:2202.05838
M. Constantinou et al. Lattice QCD Calculations of Parton Physics arXiv:2202.07193
S. Catterall et al. Supersymmetric Lattice Theories arXiv:2202.08154
J. Bulava et al. Hadron Spectroscopy with Lattice QCD arXiv:2203.03230
T. Blum et al. Discovering New Physics in Rare Kaon Decays arXiv:2203.10998
G. Colangelo et al. Prospects for Precise Predictions of a_μ in the Standard Model arXiv:2203.15810
P. A. Boyle et al. Lattice QCD and the Computational Frontier arXiv:2204.00039
T.-J. Hou et al. Impact of Lattice s(x)−sbar(x) Data in the CTEQ-TEA Global Analysis arXiv:2204.07944
P. A. Boyle et al. A Lattice QCD Perspective on Weak Decays of b and c Quarks arXiv:2205.15373
A. S. Kronfeld et al. Lattice QCD and Particle Physics arXiv:2207.07641

Theory Techniques for Precision Physics

J. Charles et al. New Physics in B meson Mixing: Future Sensitivity and Limitations arXiv:2006.04824
F. Caola et al. The Path Forward to N3LO arXiv:2203.06730
S. Alioli et al. Theoretical Developments in the SMEFT at Dimension-8 and Beyond arXiv:2203.06771
N. Darvishi et al. Future Prospects for Parton Showers arXiv:2203.06799
S. Alioli et al. Top-Quark Mass Extraction from t tbar j+X Events at the LHC: Theory Predictions arXiv:2203.07344
M. van Beekveld et al. Resummation for Future Colliders arXiv:2203.07907
S. Amoroso et al. Proton Structure at the Precision Frontier arXiv:2203.13923
F. Febres Cordero et al. Computational Challenges for Multi-Loop Collider Phenomenology arXiv:2204.04200

Collider Phenomenology

A. Valassi et al. Challenges in Monte Carlo Event Generator Software for High-Luminosity LHC arXiv:2004.13687
A. Costantini et al. Vector Boson Fusion at Multi-TeV Muon Colliders arXiv:2005.10289
G. Kasieczka et al. The LHC Olympics 2020: A Community Challenge for Anomaly Detection in High Energy Physics arXiv:2101.08320
S. V. Chekanov et al. Model-Independent Searches for New Physics in Multi-Body Invariant Masses arXiv:2103.10217
D. Buarque Franzosi et al. Vector Boson Scattering Processes: Status and Prospects arXiv:2106.01393
A. Aboubrahim et al. Future Searches for SUSY at the LHC post Fermilab (g−2)_μ arXiv:2107.06021
E. Yazgan et al. (HSF Physics Event Generator Working Group) HL-LHC Computing Review Stage-2, Common Software Projects: Event Generators arXiv:2109.14938
R. Ruiz et al. The Effective Vector Boson Approximation in High-Energy Muon Collisions arXiv:2111.02442
H. Beauchesne et al. Event-Level Variables for Semivisible Jets using Anomalous Jet Tagging arXiv:2111.12156
T. G. Rizzo Portal Matter and Dark Sector Phenomenology at Colliders arXiv:2202.02222
T. Han et al. Higgs Boson Decay to Charmonia via c-Quark Fragmentation arXiv:2202.08273
R. Dermisek et al. Combined Signatures of Heavy Higgses and Vectorlike fermions at the HL-LHC arXiv:2203.03852
T. Han et al. Axion-Like Particles at High Energy Muon Colliders arXiv:2203.05484
R. Padhan et al. Displaced Fat-Jets and Tracks to Probe Boosted Right-Handed Neutrinos in the U(1)_{B−L} Model arXiv:2203.06114
A. Banerjee et al. Phenomenological Aspects of Composite Higgs Scenarios: Exotic Scalars and Vector-like Quarks arXiv:2203.07270
T.Han et al. WIMP Dark Matter at High Energy Muon Colliders arXiv:2203.07351
S. Adhikari et al. Complex Scalar Singlet Model Benchmarks for Snowmass arXiv:2203.07455
J. Kalinowski et al. New Physics with Missing Energy at Future Lepton Colliders arXiv:2203.07913
R. K. Barman et al. Directly Probing the CP-Structure of the Higgs-Top Yukawa at HL-LHC and Future Colliders arXiv:2203.08127
T. Robens. A Short Overview on Low Mass Scalars at Future Lepton Colliders arXiv:2203.08210
G. Albouy et al. Theory, Phenomenology, and Experimental Avenues for Dark Showers arXiv:2203.09503
S. Bailey et al. Data and Analysis Preservation, Recasting, and Reinterpretation arXiv:2203.10057
T. Han et al. Electroweak Fragmentation at High Energies arXiv:2203.11129
K. Agashe et al. Collider Physics Opportunities of Extended Warped Extra-Dimensional Models arXiv:2203.13305
K. Agashe et al. Implications of Energy Peak for Collider Phenomenology: Top Quark Mass Determination and Beyond arXiv:2204.02928
T. Han et al. BSM Higgs Production at a Muon Collider arXiv:2205.11730
H. Li et al. MSSM under Higgs Factories arXiv:2205.11920
F. Kling et al. Exotic Higgs Decays in the Type-II 2HDMs at Current and Future pp Colliders arXiv:2205.12198
A. Papaefstathiou et al. Signal Strength and W-Boson Mass Measurements as a Probe of the Electroweak Phase Transition at Colliders arXiv:2205.14379
T. Robens. Two-Real-Singlet-Model (TRSM) Benchmark Planes arXiv:2205.14486
R. Franceschini et al. Kinematic Variables and Feature Engineering for Particle Phenomenology arXiv:2206.13431
G. Sterman. Comments on Collinear Factorization arXiv:2207.06507
B. Nachman. When, Where, and How to Open Data: A Personal Perspective arXiv:2208.07910

Beyond-Standard-Model Model Building

A. Aboubrahim et al. Hidden Sectors and a Multi-Temperature Universe arXiv:2106.06494
H. Baer et al. Mini-Review: Expectations for Supersymmetry from the String Landscape arXiv:2202.11578
G. Elor et al. New Ideas in Baryogenesis arXiv:2203.05010
B. Batell et al. Review of Neutral Naturalness arXiv:2203.05531
D. Carney et al. Ultraheavy Particle Dark Matter arXiv:2203.06508
N. Blinov et al. Strong CP Beyond Axion Direct Detection arXiv:2203.07218
A. Attanasio et al. (Windchime Collaboration) The Windchime Project arXiv:2203.07242
P. Draper et al. Implications of Quantum Gravity for Particle Physics arXiv:2203.07624
W. Altmannshofer, J. Zupan Flavor Model Building arXiv:2203.07726
B. Dutta et al. U(1)_T3R Extension of the Standard Model: A Sub-GeV Dark Matter Model arXiv:2203.07786
P. Agrawal et al. Some Open Questions in Axion Theory arXiv:2203.08026

Astro-Particle Physics and Cosmology

E. Berti et al. Cosmic Frontier: Fundamental Physics and Beyond the Standard Model arXiv:2203.06240
K. K. Boddy et al. Astrophysical and Cosmological Probes of Dark Matter arXiv:2203.06380
P. Asadi et al. Early-Universe Model Building arXiv:2203.06680
R. K. Leane et al. Puzzling Excesses in Dark Matter Searches and How to Resolve Them arXiv:2203.06859
A. Mitridate et al. Light Dark Matter Direct Detection at the Interface With Condensed Matter Physics arXiv:2203.07492
C. Dvorkin et al. The Physics of Light Relics arXiv:2203.07943
M. A. Amin et al. Data-Driven Cosmology arXiv:2203.07946
M. Baryakhtar et al. Dark Matter In Extreme Astrophysical Environments arXiv:2203.07984
M. Ackermann et al. The Cosmological Bootstrap arXiv:2203.08096
T. Ghosh et al. Simplified Dark Matter Models with Charged Mediators arXiv:2203.08107
M. Alvarez et al. Data Preservation for Cosmology arXiv:2203.08113
D. Baumann et al. The Cosmological Bootstrap arXiv:2203.08121
A. Achúcarro et al. Inflation: Theory and Observations arXiv:2203.08128
C. L. Chang et al. Cosmic Microwave Background Measurements White Paper arXiv:2203.07638
R. Essig et al. Theory Frontier: Theory Meets the Lab arXiv:2203.10089
D. Antypas et al. New Horizons: Scalar and Vector Ultralight Dark Matter arXiv:2203.14915
J. Jaeckel et al. Axion Dark Matter arXiv:2203.14923
K. R. Dienes et al. More is Different: Non-Minimal Dark Sectors and their Implications for Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology – 13 Take-Away Lessons for Snowmass 2021 arXiv:2203.17258
B. Batell et al. Exploring Dark Sector Portals with High Intensity Experiments arXiv:2207.06905

Quantum Information Science

Y. Meurice et al. Tensor networks for High Energy Physics arXiv:2203.04902
S. Brooks et al. Ion Coulomb Crystals in Storage Rings for Quantum Information Science arXiv:2203.06809
T. Faulkner et al. Quantum Information in Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Gravity aarXiv:2203.07117
D. Carney et al. Tabletop Experiments for Infrared Quantum Gravity arXiv:2203.11846
C. W. Bauer et al. Quantum Simulation for High Energy Physics arXiv:2204.03381
M. S. Alam et al. Quantum Computing Hardware for HEP Algorithms and Sensing arXiv:2204.08605

Theory of Neutrino Physics

J. M. Berryman et al. Neutrino Self-Interactions arXiv:2203.01955
R. Mammen Abraham et al. Tau Neutrinos in the Next Decade: from GeV to EeV arXiv:2203.05591
T. Han et al. BSM Neutrino Physics: Complementarity across Energies arXiv:2203.06131
J. Gehrlein et al. Testing neutrino flavor models arXiv:2203.06219
A. M. Ankowski et al. Electron Scattering and Neutrino Physics arXiv:2203.06853
K. N. Abazajian et al. Synergy between Cosmological and Laboratory Searches in Neutrino Physics arXiv:2203.07377
L. Alvarez Ruso et al. Theoretical Tools for Neutrino Scattering: Interplay between Lattice QCD, EFTs, Nuclear Physics, Phenomenology, and Neutrino Event Generators arXiv:2203.09030
L. Alvarez Ruso et al. Neutrino Scattering Measurements on Hydrogen and Deuterium arXiv:2203.11298
V. Cirigliano et al. Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: A Roadmap for Matching Theory to Experiment arXiv:2203.12169
Yahya Almumin et al. Neutrino Flavor Model Building and the Origins of Flavor and CP Violation arXiv:2204.08668
B. Batell et al. Dark Sector Studies with Neutrino Beams arXiv:2207.06898