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     Invited Talks


Thursday, August 24, 2000

Invited Talks 

TH101 Highlights of AAC 2000 Workshop Rosenzweig 
TH102 Acceleration for the Muon Storage Ring Neutrino Source Neuffer 
TH103 Overview of SASE Experiments Castro 
TH201 All-Optical Accelerator Experiments at LBNL Leemans 
TH202 E-157: A Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment Muggli 
TH203 Simulation of the Ionization Cooling of Muons in Linear RF Systems Penn 
TH204 The Jefferson Lab 1-kW IR FEL Douglas 
TH205 Measuring and Controlling the Energy Spread in CEBAF Krafft 
TH206 Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Measurements in the CLIC Test Facility (CFT2) Corsini 
TH301 RAFEL Nguyen 
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THA02 High Power Testing Results of the X-Band Mixed-Mode RF Windows for Linear Colliders Tokumoto 
THA03 The Next Linear Collider Klystron Development Program Jongewaard 
THA04 Development of RF Reference Line for the Linear Collider Naito 
THA05 The RF Phase Distribution and Timing System for the NLC Frisch 
THA06 2-D Simulation of High-Efficiency Cross-Field RF Power Sources Dolgashev 
THA07 Development of High Power X-Band Semiconductor RF Switch for Pulse Compression Systems of Future Linear Colliders Tamura 
THA08 A Planar, Rectangular Waveguide Launcher and Extractor for a Dual-Moded RF Power Distribution System Nantista 
THA09 An Alternate Dual-Moded DLDS Utilizing the TE01 and TE02 Modes Nantista 
THA11 Energy stabilization of 1.5-GeV S-Band Linac Kuriki 
THA12 Development of a Smart Modulator and Efficiency Evaluation of 500- GeV e+e- C-Band Linear Collider Oh 
THA13 Solid State Induction Modulator Replacement for the Conventional SLAC 5045 Klystrons Modulator Cassel 
THA14 Improvement of Waveform Efficiency Using a Compensation Circuit Akemoto 
THA15 Analyses of Klystron Modulator Approaches for NLC Krasnykh 
THA16 SLAC Parallel Tracking Code Development and Applications McCandless 
THA18 Results of an RF Pulsed Heating Experiment at SLAC Pritzkau 
THA19 A New Configuration for Two-Beam Linear Colliders Ruth 
THA20 Design for a One-Gigawatt, Annular-Beam Klystron Fazio 
Return to top THB01 A 'Hybrid'-Type System for an Achromatic Focusing of Ions Nesterovich 
THB02 Funneling with the Two-Beam RFQ Zimmermann 
THB03 High Current Beam Dynamics in an ESS Superconducting Linac Pabst 
THB04 Study of Nonlinearities and Small Particle Losses in High-Power Linac Yaramishev 
THB05 Influence of Space Charge Fluctuations on Low Energy Beam Transport of High Current Ion Beams Pozimski 
THB06 Beam Dynamics Studies for a High-Current Ion Injector Deitinghoff 
THB07 The Beam Halo Experiment at LEDA Colestock 
THB08 Determining Phase-Space Properties of the LEDA RFQ Output Beam Lysenko 
THB09 Beam Energy Stabilization of the KEK 40-MeV Proton Linac Igarashi 
THB10 Energy Stability in a High Intensity Pulsed SC Proton Linac Mosnier 

  RFQ Parameter Choice by Multiparameter Optimization

THB12 Multipactoring Code for 3-D Accelerating Structures Kravchuk 
THB13 Using Trace 3-D in the Particle Beam Optics Laboratory (PBO Lab) Hill 
THB14 CCT: A Code to Automate the Design of Coupled Cavities Smith 
THB15 New Tasks and New Codes for RFQ Beam Simulation Bondarev 
THB16 Design and Performance Simulations of the Bunch Compressor for the APS LEUTL FEL Borland 
THB18 Beam Dynamics On-Line Simulation Krassilnikov 
THB19 TOUTATIS, the CEA/Saclay RFQ Code Ferdinand 
THB20 Improvement in 3-D Computation of RF-Losses in Resonant Cavities Balleyguier 
THB21 The Method for the Fields Distribution Description in Periodical Structures Paramonov 
THB22 Observation of a H- Beam Ion Instability Popovic 
Return to top THC01 Wakefield Effects in the Advanced Photon Source Linac Lessner 
THC02 The JAERI Superconducting Linac-Based FEL Shizuma 
THC03 Driver Accelerator Design for the 10-kW Upgrade of the Jefferson Lab IR FEL Douglas 
THC04 Specifying HOM-Power Extraction Efficiency in High-Average Current, Short-Bunch Length SRF Environment Merminga 
THC05 A Highly Flexible Bunch Compressor for the APS LEUTL FEL Borland 
THC06 2- GeV Superconducting Muon Linac Popovic 
THC07 The FEL Driven Two-Beam Accelerator Studies at CESTA Rullier 
THC08 Recent Results from the FEL Driven Two-Beam Accelerator Project at CESTA Rullier 
THC09 Analysis of Longitudinal Bunching in an FEL Driven Two-Beam Accelerator Rullier 
THC10 RF System Upgrades to the Advanced Photon Source Linear Accelerator in Support of the FEL Operation Smith 
THC11 SLAC Linac RF Performance for LCLS Akre 
THC13 Results on Plasma Focusing of High Energy Density Electron and Positron Beams Ng 
THC14 Collective Acceleration of Ions by Means of Plasmoids in RF Wells of Frequency-Modulated Laser Field Vinogradov 
THC16 A 15-MeV Linear Electron Accelerator-Based Source of Tunable Monochromatic Hard X-Rays Mondelaers 
THC17 Phase Rotation, Cooling and Acceleration of Muon Beams: A Comparison of Different Approaches Lombardi 
THC18 RF Cavities for the Muon and Neutrino Factory Collaboration Study Moretti 
THC19 High-Brightness Beams from a Light Source Injector: The Advanced Photon Source Low-Energy Undulator Test Line Linac Travish 
Return to top THD02 TRASCO RFQ Pisent 
THD03 Main Steps for the Fabrication of IPHI RFQ Painchault 
THD04 Analysis of Thermally Induced Frequency Shift for the Spallation Neutron Source RFQ Virostek 
THD05 Fabrication and Testing of the First Module of the SNS RFQ Ratti 
THD06 Industrial Fabrication of Medium-Beta SCRF Cavities for a High-Intensity Proton Linac Kuzminski 
THD07 Structural Analysis of Superconducting Accelerator Cavities Schrage 
THD08 Superconducting Accelerating Structures for a Multibeam Driver Linac for RIA Shepard 
THD09 Efficient Design Scheme of Superconducting Cavity Kim 
THD10 Superconducting H-Mode Structures for Medium Energy Beams Eichhorn 
THD11 A Superconductive, Low Beta Single Gap Cavity for a High Intensity Proton Linac Facco 
THD12 Meander-Line Current Structure Development for SNS Fast Chopper Kurennoy 
THD13 Status of the RFD Linac Structure Development Swenson 
THD14 Development of Rebunching Cavities at IAP Kuhnel 
THD15 Design of 11.8 MHz Buncher for ISAC at TRIUMF Mitra 
THD16 High-Power Testing of the APT Power Coupler Chan 
THD17 Status of Superconducting RF Linac Development for APT Chan 
THD18 Studies of Coupled Cavity Linac (CCL) Accelerating Structures with 3-D Codes Spalek 
THD19 Bridge Coupler for APT Spalek 
THD20 The Use of Dispersion-Strengthened Copper in Accelerator Designs Valdiviez 
THD21 Applications of Superconducting RFQ Linear Accelerators Pisent 
THD22 The IH-7-Gap resonators of the Munich Accelerator for Fission Fragments (MAFF) Linac Schempp 
Return to top THE01 The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Linac RF System Lynch 
THE02 The RF source of the 60-MeV Linac for the KEK/JAERI Joint Project Fukuda 
THE03 Simulation of Returning Electrons from a Klystron Collector Fang 
THE04 Lifetime Testing 700-MHz RF Windows for the Accelerator Production of Tritium Program Cummings 
THE05 The RF-System of the new GSI High Current Linac HSI Hutter 
THE06 High-power Circulator Test Results at 350 MHz and 700 MHz Roybal 
THE07 Testing and Implementation Progress on the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linear Accelerator (Linac) High-Power S-Band Switching System Grelick 
THE08 RF, Thermal, and Structural Analysis of a High-Power CW RF Window Schultheiss
THE09 Development of High Power CW RF Windows Cole 
THE10 3-D Design of the IPHI RFQ Cavity Balleyguier 

 Progress on the 140-kV 10-Megawatt Peak, 1-Megawatt Average Polyphase Quasiresonant Bridge, Boost Converter/Modulator for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Klystron Power System

THE12 Collector Failures on 350-MHz, 1.2-MW CW Klystrons at the Low-Energy Demonstration Accelerator (LEDA) Rees 
THE13 A Chopped Electron Beam Driver for H- Type Cavities Setzer 
THE15 Continued Monitoring of the Conditioning of the Fermilab Linac 805-MHz Cavities McCrory 
THE17 A Compact Waveguide-Type Cavity Input Coupler for Shielding a Ceramic Window and Balanced Aperture Fields Kang 
THE18 Investigation of Twisted Waveguides as Slow Wave Structures Kang 
THE19 Fast RF Ferrite Phase Shifter for High-Power Applications Kang 
Return to top THE20 Advanced Copper Lining for Accelerator Components Ino 

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