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Monday, August 21, 2000

Invited Talks 

MO102 SLC Final Performance and Lessons Phinney
MO201 CLIC: A Two-Beam Multi-Tev e+- Linear Collider Delahaye
MO202 TESLA Linear Collider Design and R&D Status Brinkmann
MO203 Progress in the Next Linear Collider Design Raubenheimer
MO204 JLC Progress Toge
MO301 New Developments in Linear Colliders Final Focus Systems Raimondi
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MOA01 Theory and Suppression of Multibunch Beam Breakup in Linear Colliders Bohn
MOA02 Simulations of an Intra-Pulse Interaction Point Feedback for Future Linear Colliders Schulte
MOA03 Beam Dynamics Simulation for the CTF3 Drive Beam Accelerator Schulte
MOA04 Beam Loading Compensation in the Main Linac of CLIC Schulte
MOA05 A Low Charge Demonstration of Electron Pulse Compression for the CLIC RF Power Source Corsini
MOA06 Single Pulse Damage in Copper Ross
MOA07 Quadrupole Centering and Beam Steering in the Next Linear Collider Main Linacs Tenenbaum
MOA08 Studies of Beam Optics and Scattering in the Next Linear Collider Post-Linac Collimation System Tenenbaum
MOA09 Direct Measurement of Geometric Wakefields from Tapered Rectangular Collimators Tenenbaum
MOA10 Advanced Collimator Systems for the NLC Frisch
MOA11 Investigations of Slow Motions of the SLAC Linac Tunnel Seryi

MOA12 Ground Motion Studies and Modeling for the Interaction Region of a Linear Collider Seryi
MOA13 Ground Motion Model of the SLAC Site Seryi
MOA14 Simulation Studies of the NLC with Improved Ground Motion Models Seryi
MOA15 Beam-Based Feedback Simulations for the NLC Linac Hendrickson
MOA16 Double Kicker System in ATF Imai
MOA17 Estimates of Dispersive Effects in a Bent NLC Main Linac Syphers
MOA18 CDS Structure for the Normal Conducting Accelerating Cavities in TESLA Linear Collider Paramonov
MOA19 Large-Scale Simulation of Beam Dynamics in High Intensity Ion Linacs using Parallel Supercomputers Ryne
MOA20 A Second Order Stochastic Leap-Frog Algorithm for Langevin Simulation Qiang
MOA21 Impedance of a Beam Tube with Small Corrugations Bane
Return to top MOB01 Design Studies for a High Current Bunching System for CLIC Test Facility (CTF3) Drive Beam LeDuff
MOB02 An Injector for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF3) Rinolfi
MOB05 Development of the Electron Gun for the JNC High Power Linac Yamazaki
MOB06 Emittance Measurements at the A0 Photoinjector Carneiro
MOB07 The FaBrE Project at Trieste D'Auria
MOB08 Production and Studies of Photocathodes for High Intensity Electron Beams Trautner
MOB09 The SPEAR Injector RF Gun and Linac Performance Park
MOB11 Development of a Novel Superconducting RF Photocathode Electron Gun Cole
MOB12 Thermal Structural Analysis of an SCRF Photocathode Electron Gun Cavity Schultheiss
MOB13 The Flat Beam Experiment at the FNAL Photoinjector Edwards
MOB14 Setting and Measuring the Longitudinal Optics in CEBAF Injector Kazimi
MOB15 Initial Results of the New High-Intensity Electron Gun at the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Conde
MOB16 Compression of High-Charge Electron Bunches Fitch
MOB17 Use of Coherent Transition Radiation to Set Up the APS RF Thermionic Gun to Produce High-Brightness Beams for SASE FEL Experiments Sereno
MOB18 2.856-GHz Modulation of Conventional Triode Electron Gun Park
MOB20 High-Intensity Single-Bunch Electron Beam Generation with the 38 MeV L-Band Linac in Osaka University Okuda
MOB21 Experimental Determination of the Characteristics of a Positron Source Using Channeling Chehab
Return to top MOC01 Wire Scanners for Small Emittance Beam Measurement in ATF Hayano
MOC03 Photoelectron Beam Longitudinal Phase Space Tomography Studies at the ATF Kashiwagi
MOC04 Latest Developments from the S- DALINAC Schweizer
MOC05 Electro-Optic Sampling of Transient Fields From the Passage of High-Charge Electron Bunches Fitch
MOC06 Characterization of Ce-Doped Scintillating Crystals for Imaging Electron Beams at the APS Linac Berg
MOC07 Elliptical X-Ray Spot Measurement Richardson
MOC08 Measurements of RF Cavity Voltages by X-Ray Spectrum Measurements Findlay
MOC09 Measurement of the Six-Dimensional Phase Space at the New GSI High-Current Linac Forck
MOC10 Measurement of Temporal Response of Ferroelectric Photocathodes  Tazzioli
MOC11 Beam Position-Phase Monitors for SNS Linac Kurennoy
MOC12 SNS Front End Diagnostics Doolittle
MOC13 Space Charge Effects in Bunch Shape Monitors Feschenko
MOC14 Intense Proton Core and Halo Beam Profile Measurement: Beam Line Component Mechanical Design Valdiviez
MOC15 Beam Diagnostics Instrumentation for a 6.7-MeV Proton Beam Halo Experiment Gilpatrick
MOC16 Optical Transition Radiation (OTR) Measurements of an Intense Pulsed Electron Beam Vermare
MOC17 A BPM System for the SPring-8 Linac Yanagida
MOC18 A Real-Time Energy Monitor System for the IPNS Linac Dooling
MOC19 Measurement and Correction of Cross-Plane Coupling in Transport Lines Woodley
MOC20 Numerical Analysis of a Beam-Energy-Spread Monitor Using Multi-Stripline Electrodes Suwada
Return to top MOD01 Heavy-Ion Beam Acceleration of Two-Charge States from an ECR Ion Source Ostroumov
MOD02 Multiple Charge State Beam Acceleration at ATLAS Ostroumov
MOD03 Status Report on the Construction of the ISAC Drift Tube Linac Bricault
MOD04 A Charge State Breeder Based on a Low- Frequency RFQ for the ISAC Accelerator Complex Bricault
MOD05 Ion Sources and Injectors for HIF Induction Linacs Henestroza
MOD06 The Status of DESY H- Sources Peters
MOD07 An ECR Hydrogen Negative Ion Source at CEA/Saclay: Preliminary Results Gobin
MOD09 Measurements on the H- Ion Source and Low Energy Beam Transport Section for the SNS Front-End Systems Thomae
MOD10 Design of the 7- MeV/u, 217- MHz Injector Linac for the Proposed Ion Beam Facility for Cancer Therapy at the Clinic in Heidelberg Schlitt
MOD11 Commissioning of IH-RFQ and IH-DTL for the GSI High-Current Linac Ratzinger
MOD12 Operational Aspects of the High Current Upgrade at the UNILAC Klabunde
MOD13 The New Gas Stripper and Charge State Separator of the GSI High-Current Injector Barth
MOD14 Commissioning of the High Current Ion Sources at the New GSI Injector (HSI) Reich
MOD15 The Low Energy Beam Transport System of the New GSI High-Current Injector Dahl
MOD16 First Beam Test with the ISAC Separated Function DTL Laxdal
MOD17 ISAC at TRIUMF: Recent Achievements and Future Goals Laxdal
MOD18 Design of the SNS MEBT Staples
MOD19 Evolution of the LEBT Layout for SNS Reijonen
MOD20 First Beam Test of a Volume Production H- Ion Source with a LEBT Ueno
MOD21 IHEP Experience on Creation and Operation of RFQs Zherebtsov
Return to top MOE01 Analysis and Simulation on the Enhancement of the CSR Effects Li
MOE02 Short High Charge Bunches in the SLAC Linac Decker
MOE03 Quadrupole Misalignments and Steering in Long Linacs Stupakov
MOE04 Suppression of Beam Breakup Instability in a Long Train by Introducing Energy Spread Between the Bunches Stupakov
MOE05 Optimized Wakefield Computations Using a Network Model Ostiguy
MOE06 The Diffraction Model and Its Applicability for Wakefield Calculations Mueller
MOE07 Lattice Matching with a Quadrupole Missing Wanzenberg
MOE08 Transient Beam Loading Compensation in Low-Energy Pulsed Linear Electron Accelerators Mondelaers
MOE10 Experimental Study of System for a Simultaneous Bend of Unidirectional Electron and Proton Beams Nesterovich
MOE11 Emittance Growth from the Thermalization of Space Charge Nonuniformities Lund
MOE12 Envelope Modes of Beams with Angular Momentum Barnard
MOE13 Investigation of Halo Formation in Continuous Beams Using Weighted Polynomial Expansion and Perturbational Analysis Allen
MOE14 Multiscale Analysis of RMS Envelope Dynamics Zeitlin
MOE15 Multiresolution Representations for Solutions of Vlasov- Maxwell-Poisson Equations Fedorova
MOE16   Some New Approaches to Solving Constrained Transfer Line Matching Problems Gillespie
MOE17 Self-Consistent Model of Three-Dimensional Time-Dependent Ellipsoid Batygin
MOE18 High-Brightness Beam Current Limit in RF Field Batygin
MOE19 Energy Transfer Mechanisms and Equipartitioning in Nonequilibrium Space-Charge-Dominated Beams Kishek
Return to top MOE20 DFQ-Double Frequency RFQ Iwashita

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