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Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Invited Talks 

TU101 An Overview of the Spallation Neutron Source Project Kustom 
TU102 The KEK/JAERI Joint Project: Status of Design and Development Hasegawa 
TU103 RIA Project Leemann 
TU201 High Power Operations of LEDA Young 
TU202 Beam Halo in Proton Linac Beams Wangler 
TU203 Exotic Ion Beams, Targets and Sources Lettry 
TU204 Test Measurements with the REX-ISOLDE Linac Structures Kester 
TU205 PIAVE the Legnaro New Positive Ion Injector Based on Superconducting RFQs Lombardi 
TU206 A High Intensity H- Linac at CERN Based on LEP-2 Cavities Vretenar 
TU301 Accelerator Structures for Linear Colliders Miller 
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TUA01 Fabrication Process of Rounded Damped Detuned Structure Funahashi 
TUA02 Meeting Tight Frequency Requirement of Rounded Damped Detuned Structure Higo 
TUA03 Design, Fabrication and Measurement of the First Rounded Damped Detuned Accelerator Structure (RDDS1) Wang 
TUA04 Design of the JLC/NLC RDDS Structure Using Parallel Eigensolver Omega3P Li 
TUA05 Numerical Studies on Locally Damped Structures Li 
TUA06 Dipole Mode Detuning in the NLC Injector Linacs Bane 
TUA07 Fabrication and Tolerance Issues and Their Influence on Multibunch BBU and Emittance Dilution in the Construction of X-Band RDDS Linacs for the NLC Jones 
TUA08 Comparisons of Equivalent Circuit Predictions with Measurements for Short Stacks of RDDS1 Discs, and Their Potential Application to Improved Wakefield Prediction Jones 
TUA09 Local and Fundamental Mode Coupler Damping of the Transverse Wakefield in RDDS1 Linacs Jones 
TUA10 An Investigation of Optimized Frequency Distributions for Damping Wakefields in X-Band Linacs for the NLC Jones 
TUA11 General Relations for Mode Parameters of Compensated Structures in the Vicinity of Operating Point Paramonov 
TUA12 The Compensated Periodical Structure RF Deflector Paramonov 
TUA13 Rectangular Waveguide HOM Couplers for a TESLA Superstructure Sobenin 
TUA14 A Fast Switchyard for the TESLA FEL-Beam Using a Superconducting Transverse Mode Cavity Wanzenberg 
TUA15 Superconducting Superstructure for the TESLA Collider: New Results Liepe 
TUA16 Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam Jensen 
TUA17 The CLIC Main Linac Accelerating Structure Wuensch 
TUA18 Higher Dipole Bands in the NLC Accelerating Structure Dolgashev 
TUA20 Microwave Quality Assurance for Single Cells of the Next Linear Collider Miller 
TUA21 Test of Accelerating Structure for VEPP-5 Preinjector Pavlov 
TUA22 High Power Model Fabrication of Biperiodic L-Support Disk-and-Washer Structure Iwashita 
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The DARHT-II Electron Injector

TUB04 Design and Construction of the 3.2- MeV Cathode Assembly for DARHT- II Peters 
TUB05 Design and Construction of the 3.2-MeV High Voltage Column for DARHT-II Peters 
TUB06 Electron Beam 3.5-MV, 2-kA Injector Diode Diagnostics for the DARHT Facility Eylon 
TUB07 Design and Performance of the DARHT Second Axis Induction Cells and Drivers Waldron 
TUB08 The DARHT Phase 2 Linac Rutkowski 
TUB09 RF Cell Modeling and Experiments for Wakefield Minimization in DARHT-II Nelson 
TUB10 Reconstruction of Initial Beam Conditions at the Exit of the DARHT-II Accelerator Paul 
TUB11 Effect of Backscattered Electrons on Electron Beam Focus Falabella 
TUB12 The Effect of Asymmetric Plasma Plumes on the Transport of High- Current Electron Beams McCarrick 
TUB13 Beam-Target Interaction Experiments For Bremsstrahlung Converters Applications Sampayan 
TUB14 Faraday Cup Measurements of Ions Backstreaming into an Electron Beam Impinging on a Plasma Plume Houck 
TUB15 The RTA Betatron-Node Experiment: Limiting Cumulative BBU Growth In A Linear Periodic System Houck 
TUB16 The Mechanical Design for the DARHT-II Downstream Beam Transport Line Westenskow 
TUB17 Particle Simulation of DARHT-II Downstream Transport Poole 
TUB18 Particle Simulations of a Long Pulse Electron Beam in a Bend Poole 
TUB19 Physics Design of the ETA-II/Snowtron Double Pulse Target Experiment Chen 
TUB20 Physics Design Considerations of Diagnostic X-Beam Transport System Chen 
Return to top TUC01 RBF Neural Net-Based Classifier for the AIRIX Accelerator Fault Diagnosis Ribes 
TUC02 First Results of the AIRIX Induction Accelerator Mouillet 
TUC03 Transport Optimization and Characterization of the 2kA AIRIX Electron Beam Merle 
TUC05 A New Linear Inductive Voltage Adder Driver for the Saturn Accelerator Mazarakis 
TUC06 Ion-Hose Instability in Long Pulse Induction Accelerators Caporaso 
TUC07 The Effect of an Underdense Plasma Density Gradient on the Backstreaming Ion Mechanism Caporaso 

Dipole Septum Magnet in the Fast Kicker System for Multi-Axis Advanced Radiography

TUC09 Modeling of an Inductive Adder Kicker Pulser For DARHT-II Wang 
TUC10 Inductive Adder Kicker Modulator for DARHT-II Cook 
TUC11 Beam-Based Feedback Testing and Simulations for the SLC Linac Hendrickson 
TUC12 RF Control Requirements for the CEBAF Energy Upgrade Cavities Hovater 
TUC13 SNS Superconducting Cavity Modeling: Iterative Learning Control Kwon 
TUC14 Automated Operation of the APS Linac using the Procedure Execution Manager Pasky 
TUC15 Control System for the LEDA 7-MeV Proton Beam Halo Experiment Pieck 
TUC16 Analysis and Synthesis of the SNS Superconducting RF Control System Wang 
TUC17 Design of the SNS Normalconducting Linac RF Control System Rohlev 
TUC18 RF Control System for the NLC Linacs Corredoura 
TUC19 Frequency Response Measurements of LEDA RF Control System Rohlev 
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  A 3.0-MeV KOMAC/KTF RFQ Linac

TUD02 RF-Test of a 324-MHz, 3-MeV, H- RFQ Stabilized with PISLs Ueno 
TUD03 Design of the ESS RFQs and Chopping Line Ferdinand 
TUD04 Status Report on the 5-MeV IPHI RFQ Ferdinand 
TUD05 RFQD: A 'Decelerating' Radiofrequency Quadrupole for the CERN Antiproton Facility Pirkl 
TUD06 Overview of the APT Accelerator Design Tooker 
TUD07 The Construction of the Low-Energy Front 60-MeV Linac for the JAERI/KEK Joint Project Yamazaki 
TUD08 Development of the 50-MeV DTL for the JAERI/KEK Joint Project Naito 
TUD09 Development of Superconducting Linac for the KEK/JAERI Joint Project Mizumoto 
TUD10 Development of a DTL Quadrupole Magnet with a New Electroformed Hollow Coil for the JAERI/KEK Joint Project Yoshino 
TUD11 High Power Proton Linacs for Different Applications Murin 
TUD12 Beam Emittance Measurements for the Low-Energy Demonstration Accelerator Radiofrequency Quadrupole Schulze 
TUD13 LEDA: A High-Power Test Bed of Innovation and Opportunity Schneider 
TUD14 Status Report on the Low-Energy Demonstration Accelerator (LEDA) Smith 
TUD15 LEDA Beam Operations Milestone and Observed Beam Transmission Characteristics Rybarcyk 
TUD16 High Current Proton Tests of the Fermilab Linac Popovic 
TUD17 Tests of the CERN Proton Linac Performance for LHC-Type Beams Scrivens 
TUD18  A Superconducting Linac Injector for the BNL AGS Ruggiero 
TUD19 A Superconducting Linac Driver for the HFBR Ruggiero 

  Reliability History and Improvements to the ANL 50 MeV H- Accelerator

TUD21 Development of the Low- Energy Accelerator for KOMAC Choi 
TUD22 Superconducting Linac for the SNS Stovall 
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 RF Processing of X-Band Accelerator Structures at the NLCTA

TUE03 Acoustic Measurement of RF Breakdown in High-Gradient RF Structures Frisch 
TUE04 Applications of Time Domain Simulation to Coupler Design for Periodic Structures Kroll 


TUE05 A Plasma Model for RF Breakdown in Accelerator Structures Wilson 
TUE06 Pulsed Neutron Source using 100-MeV Electron Linac at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory Namkung 
TUE07 Stretcher Operation of the 100-MeV Disc-Load Electron Linac at ICR, Kyoto University Noda 
TUE08 Status of the SPring-8 Linac Yanagida 
TUE09 Towards Reliable Acceleration of High-Energy and High-Intensity Electron Beams Furukawa 
TUE10 Beam Switching and Beam Feedback Systems at KEKB Linac Furukawa 
TUE11 Linac LUE200: First Testing Results Soumbaev
TUE12 NPK LUTS Project of Contraband Detection System Svistunov
TUE13 Experiments on Material Recognition for 8-MeV Customs Inspection System for Trucks and Large-Scale Containers Vorogushin
TUE14 Critical Analysis of Industrial Electron Linacs Korenev
TUE15 Commissioning of the 100-MeV Swiss Light Source Injector Linac Piel
TUE16   Concept of Staged Approach for International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility Sugimoto
Return to top TUE17 Status of the HIMAC Injector Sato

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