Conveners: Meenakshi Narain, Laura Reina, Alessandro Tricoli

Frontier Summary Report arXiv:2211.11084

Topical Group Reports:

        Higgs Boson Physics arXiv:2209.07510
                Conveners: Sally Dawson, Patrick Meade, Isobel Ojalvo,
                      Caterina Vernieri
        Heavy Flavor and Top Quark Physics arXiv:2209.11267
               Conveners: Reinhard Schwienhorst, Doreen Wackeroth
        Electroweak Precision Physics and Constraining New Physics arXiv:2209.08078
                Conveners: Alberto Belloni, Ayres Freitas, Junping Tian
        Quantum Chromodynamics arXiv:2209.14872
                Conveners: Michael Begel, Stefan Hoeche, Yen-Jie Lee
                      Huey-Wen Lin, Swagato Mukherjee, Pavel M. Nadolsky
                      Christophe Royon, Michael Schmidt
        Beyond the Standard Model arXiv:2209.13128
                Conveners: Tulika Bose, Antonio Boveia, Caterina Doglioni,
                      Simone Pagan Griso, James Hirschauer, Elliot Lipeles,
                      Zhen Liu, Nausheen R. Shah, Lian-Tao Wang

Cross-Frontier Reports:

T. Roser et al. Report of the Snowmass 2021 Collider Implementation Task Force arXiv:2208.06030
K. M. Black et al. Report of the Snowmass 2021 Muon Collider Forum arXiv:2209.01318
M. Chamizo Llatas et al. Report of the Snowmass 2021 Electron-Positron Collider Forum arXiv:2209.03472
A. Boveia et al. Snowmass 2021 Dark Matter Complementarity Report arXiv:2210.01770

Contributed Papers:

General - centered on this frontier

A. Blondel et al. FCC-ee: Your Questions Answered arXiv:1906.02693
A. Blondel, P. Janot. Circular and Linear e+e− Colliders: Another Story of Complementarity arXiv:1912.11871
L. A. Anchordoqui et al. The Forward Physics Facility: Sites, Experiments, and Physics Potential Modern and Future Colliders arXiv:2109.10905
M. Bai et al. C-cubed: A "Cool" Route to the Higgs Boson and Beyond arXiv:2110.15800
J. L. Feng et al. The Forward Physics Facility at the High-Luminosity LHC arXiv:2203.05090
J.A. Bagger et al. Higgs Factory Considerations arXiv:2203.06164
K. Black et al. Enabling U.S. Participation in Future Higgs Factories arXiv:2203.06255
C. Aimè et al. Muon Collider Physics Summary arXiv:2203.07256
G. Bernardi et al. The Future Circular Collider: a Summary for the US 2021 Snowmass Process arXiv:2203.06520
D. Ally et al. Strategies for Beam-Induced Background Reduction at Muon Colliders arXiv:2203.06773
S. Jindariani et al. Promising Technologies and R&D Directions for the Future Muon Collider Detectors arXiv:2203.07224
J. de Blas et al. The Physics Case of a 3 TeV Muon Collider Stage arXiv:2203.07261
A. Aryshev et al. The International Linear Collider arXiv:2203.07622
N. Bartosik et al. Simulated Detector Performance at the Muon Collider arXiv:2203.07964
D. Stratakis et al. A Muon Collider Facility for Physics Discovery arXiv:2203.08033
P. C. Bhat Future Collider Options for the US arXiv:2203.08088
S. Belomestnykh et al. Higgs-Energy LEptoN (HELEN) Collider Based on Advanced Superconducting Radio Frequency Technology arXiv:2203.08211
E. Barzi et al. High Energy & High Luminosity γγ Colliders arXiv:2203.08353
O. Brunner et al. The CLIC Project arXiv:2203.09186
ATLAS and CMS Collaborations. Physics with the Phase-2 ATLAS and CMS Detectors CDS-2806962
CEPC Accelerator Study Group. Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) arXiv:2203.09451
J. M. Campbell et al. Event Generators for High-Energy Physics Experiments arXiv:2203.11110
M. Endo et al. Japan’s Strategy for Future Projects in High Energy Physics arXiv:2203.13979
Z. Liu, L.-T. Wang. Physics at Future Colliders: the Interplay Between Energy and Luminosity arXiv:2205.00031
H. Cheng et al. The Physics potential of the CEPC arXiv:2205.08553
R. Franceschini et al. Kinematic Variables and Feature Engineering for Particle Phenomenology arXiv:2206.13431
P. Janot, A. Blondel. The Carbon Footprint of Proposed e+e- Higgs Factories arXiv:2208.10466
B. Madison, G. W. Wilson. Center-of-Mass Energy Determination using e+e−→μ+μ-(γ) Events at Future e+e− Colliders arXiv:2209.03281
R. Gardner et al. Background Monte Carlo Samples for a Future Hadron Collider arXiv:2209.03505

General - cross-listed

J. Rogers et al. Strategies for Conformal REBCO Windings arXiv:2203.06800
S. Banerjee et al. Detector and Beamline Simulation for Next-Generation High Energy Physics Experiments arXiv:2203.07614
D. Casper et al. Software and Computing for Small HEP Experiments arXiv:2203.07645
P. M. McIntyre. Hybrid Conformal REBCO Dipole for a Next Hadron Collider arXiv:2203.08132
A. Bogacz The Physics Case for a Neutrino Factory arXiv:2203.08094
E. Barzi et al. An Impartial Perspective for Superconducting Nb3Sn coated Copper RF Cavities for Future Accelerators arXiv:2203.09718
E. Barzi et al. In Search of Excellence and Equity in Physics arXiv:2203.10393
R. Ruchti, K. Kruger. Particle Flow Calorimetry arXiv:2203.15138
P. Harris et al. Physics Community Needs, Tools, and Resources for Machine Learning arXiv:2203.16255
A. S. Kronfeld et al. Lattice QCD and Particle Physics arXiv:2207.07641
E. Barzi et al. How Community Agreements Can Improve Workplace Culture in Physics arXiv:2209.06755

Higgs Boson Properties and Couplings

F. Bedeschi et al. Jet Flavour Tagging for Future Colliders with Fast Simulation arXiv:2202.03285
T. Han et al. Higgs Boson Decay to Charmonia via c-Quark Fragmentation arXiv:2202.08273
C. Paranjape et al. Tree-level Interference in VBF production of Vh arXiv:2203.05729
V. N. Litvinenko et al. The ReLiC: Recycling Linear e+e− Collider arXiv:2203.06476
I. Božović-Jelisavucić et al. Measuring the CP properties of the Higgs Sector at Electron-Positron Colliders arXiv:2203.06819
Y. Aoki et al. Study of the hγZ coupling at the ILC arXiv:2203.07202
D. Diaz et al. (ENUBET Collaboration) Improving Di-Higgs Sensitivity at Future Colliders in Hadronic Final States with Machine Learning arXiv:2203.07353
V. N. Litvinenko et al. CERC - Circular e+e- Collider using Energy-Recovery Linac arXiv:2203.07358
C. Hu et al. Ultrafast Inorganic Crystals with Mass Production Capability for Future High-Rate Experiments arXiv:2203.06788
S. Adhikari et al. Complex Scalar Singlet Model Benchmarks for Snowmass arXiv:2203.07455
A. Albert et al. Strange Quark as a Probe for New Physics in the Higgs Sector arXiv:2203.07535
S. Dasu et al. Strategy for Understanding the Higgs Physics: The Cool Copper Collider arXiv:2203.07646
A. Taliercio et al. Higgs Self Couplings Measurements at Future Proton-Proton Colliders arXiv:2203.08042
R. K. Barman et al. Directly Probing the CP-Structure of the Higgs-Top Yukawa at HL-LHC and Future Colliders arXiv:2203.08127
C. Potter et al. Expected Sensitivity to Invisible Higgs Boson Decays at the ILC with the SiD Detector arXiv:2203.08330
T. Barklow et al. XCC: An X-ray FEL-based γγ Collider Higgs Factory arXiv:2203.08484
K. Black et al. (ENUBET Collaboration) Prospects for the Measurement of the Standard Model Higgs Pair Production at the Muon Colliders arXiv:2203.08874
M. Forslund et al. High Precision Higgs from High Energy Muon Colliders arXiv:2203.09425
A. Papaefstathiou et al. Signal Strength and W-boson Mass Measurements as a Probe of the Electroweak Phase Transition at colliders arXiv:2205.14379

Higgs Boson as a Portal to New Physics

H. Davoudiasl et al. Good Things to do with Extra Higgs Doublets arXiv:2203.01396
R. Caldwell et al. Detection of Early-Universe Gravitational Wave Signatures and Fundamental Physics arXiv:2203.07972
T. Robens. A Short Overview on Low Mass Scalars at Future Lepton Colliders arXiv:2203.08210
F. Abu-Ajamieh et al. Higgs Coupling Sensitivities and Model-Independent Bounds on the Scale of New Physics arXiv:2203.09512
Z. Wang et al. Study of Electroweak Phase Transition in Exotic Higgs Decays at the CEPC arXiv:2203.10184
H. Li et al. MSSM Under Higgs Factories arXiv:2205.11920
F. Kling et al. Exotic Higgs Decays in the Type-II 2HDMs at Current and Future pp Colliders arXiv:2205.12198
T. Robens. Two-Real-Singlet-Model (TRSM) Benchmark Planes arXiv:2205.14486
M. E. Peskin. Model-Agnostic Exploration of the Mass Reach of Precision Higgs Boson Coupling Measurements arXiv:2209.03303

Heavy Flavor and Top Quark Physics

K. Nowak, A. F. Zarnecki. Optimising Top-Quark Threshold Scan at CLIC using Genetic Algorithm arXiv:2103.00522
G. Bevilacqua et al. On the Modeling Uncertainties of ttbar W± Multi-Lepton Signatures arXiv:2109.15181
Z. Yu, C.-P. Yuan. Azimuthal Angular Correlation as a New Boosted Top Jet Substructure arXiv:2203.02760
N. Kidonakis. Higher-Order Corrections for t tbar Production at High Energies arXiv:2203.03698
K. Xie et al. Probing Heavy-Flavor Parton Distribution Functions at Hadron Colliders arXiv:2203.06207
S. Alioli et al. Top-Quark Mass Extraction from t tbar j+X Events at the LHC: Theory Predictions arXiv:2203.07344
J. Gombas et al. Dependence of the Top-Quark Mass Measured in Top-Quark Pair Production on the Parton Distribution Functions at the LHC and Future Colliders arXiv:2203.08064
J. Aparisi et al. Prospects for Measurements of the Bottom Quark Mass arXiv:2203.16994
K. Agashe et al. Implications of Energy Peak for Collider Phenomenology: Top Quark Mass Determination and Beyond arXiv:2204.02928
G. Durieux et al. Prospects for the Measurement of Top-Quark Couplings arXiv:2205.02140

Electroweak Precision Physics and Constraining New Physics

A. Costantini, et al. Vector Boson Fusion at Multi-TeV Muon Colliders arXiv:2005.10289
D. Buarque Franzosi et al. Vector Boson Scattering Processes: Status and Prospects arXiv:2106.01393
T. Yang et al. Longitudinally Polarized ZZ Scattering at the Muon Collider arXiv:2107.13581
R. Ruiz et al. The Effective Vector Boson Approximation in High-Energy Muon Collisions arXiv:2111.02442
W. Shepherd. SMEFT at the LHC and Beyond arXiv:2203.07406
K. Yumino, D. Jeans. Measuring the Tau Polarization at ILC arXiv:2203.07668
T. Mizuno et al. Measurement of ALR using Radiative REturn at ILC 250 arXiv:2203.07944
A. Apyan et al. Sensitivity to Longitudinal Vector Boson Scattering in W±W±jj at Future Hadron Colliders arXiv:2203.07994
B. Abbott et al. Anomalous Quartic Gauge Couplings at a Muon Collider arXiv:2203.08135
T. Han et al. Electroweak Fragmentation at High Energies arXiv:2203.11129
T. Anderson et al. RADiCAL: Precision-Timing, Ultracompact, Radiation-Hard Electromagnetic Calorimetry arXiv:2203.12806
S. Banerjee et al. Upgrading SuperKEKB with a Polarized Electron Beam: Discovery Potential and Proposed Implementation arXiv:2205.12847
J. de Blas et al. Global SMEFT Fits at Future Colliders arXiv:2206.08326
L. Aggarwal et al. (Belle II Collaboration). Belle II Physics Reach and Plans for the Next Decade and Beyond arXiv:2207.06307

QCD and Strong Interactions - Precision QCD

B. Nachman et al. Jets and Jet Substructure at Future Colliders arXiv:2203.07462
D. d'Enterria et al. The Strong Coupling Constant: State of the Art and the Decade Ahead arXiv:2203.08271
A. Accardi et al. Opportunities for Precision QCD Physics in Hadronization at Belle II arXiv:2204.02280

QCD and Strong Interactions - Hadronic Structure and Forward QCD Processes

M. Constantinou et al. Lattice QCD Calculations of Parton Physics arXiv:2202.07193
S.V. Chekanov, S. Magill. Some Aspects of the Impact of the Electron Ion Collider on Particle Physics at the Energy Frontier arXiv:2202.11529
D. Acosta et al. The Potential of a TeV-Scale Muon-Ion Collider arXiv:2203.06258
W. Bai et al. Prompt Electron and Tau Neutrinos and Antineutrinos in the Forward Region at the LHC arXiv:2203.07212
M. Hentschinski et al. Forward Physics, BFKL, Saturation Physics and Diffraction arXiv:2203.08129
S. Amoroso et al. Proton structure at the Precision Frontier arXiv:2203.13923
T.-J. Hou et al. Impact of Lattice s(x)−sbar(x) Data in the CTEQ-TEA Global Analysis arXiv:2204.07944
H. Abdolmaleki et al. (xFitter Developers’ Team). xFitter: An Open Source QCD Analysis Framework arXiv:2206.12465

QCD and Strong Interactions - Heavy Ions

David d'Enterria et al. Opportunities for New Physics Searches with Heavy Ions at Colliders arXiv:2203.05939
B. Batell et al. Heavy Neutral Lepton Searches at the Electron-Ion Collider arXiv:2203.06705
R. Abdul Khalek et al. Electron Ion Collider for High Energy Physics arXiv:2203.13199

Beyond the Standard Model - Model Specific Explorations

A. Aboubrahim et al. Future searches for SUSY at the LHC post Fermilab (g−2)_μ arXiv:2107.06021
H. Baer et al. Comparison of SUSY Spectra Generators for Natural SUSY and String Landscape Predictions arXiv:2111.03096
K. Mękała et al. Heavy Neutrinos at Future Linear e+e− Colliders arXiv:2202.06703
H. Baer et al. Mini-Review: Expectations for Supersymmetry from the String Landscape arXiv:2202.11578
H. Baer et al. Angular Cuts to Reduce the tau taubar+jet Background to the Higgsino Signal at the LHC arXiv:2203.03700
T. Han et al. BSM Neutrino Physics: Cmplementarity across Energies arXiv:2203.06131
J. Nakajima et al. Probing Heavy Majorana Neutrino Pair Production at ILC in a U(1)_{B−L} Extension of the Standard Model arXiv:2203.06929
M. Endo et al. Stau Study at the ILC and its Implication for the Muon g-2 Anomaly arXiv:2203.07056
A. Banerjee et al. Phenomenological Aspects of Composite Higgs Scenarios: Exotic Scalars and Vector-Like Quarks arXiv:2203.07270
A. Beniwal et al. Global Fit of 2HDM with Future Collider Results arXiv:2203.07883
M. T. Núñez Pardo de Vera et al. Evaluating the ILC SUSY Reach in the Most Challenging Scenario: Stau NLSP, Low ΔM , Lowest Cross Section arXiv:2203.15729
N. Craig. Naturalness arXiv:2205.05708
T. Han et al. BSM Higgs Production at a Muon Collider arXiv:2205.11730
J. Dickinson et al. A Grand Scan of the pMSSM Parameter Space for Snowmass 2021 arXiv:2207.05103

Beyond the Standard Model - More General Explorations

C.-H. Yeh et al. Studies of Granularity of a Hadronic Calorimeter for Tens-of-TeV Jets at a 100 TeV pp Collider arXiv:1901.11146
A. V. Kotwal. A Fast Method for Particle Tracking and Triggering using Small-Radius Silicon Detectors arXiv:1910.14149
S.V. Chekanov et al. Physics Potential of Timing Layers in Future Collider Detectors arXiv:2005.05221
G. Kasieczka et al. The LHC Olympics 2020: A Community Challenge for Anomaly Detection in High Energy Physics arXiv:2101.08320
S. V. Chekanov et al. Model-Independent Searches for New Physics in Multi-Body Invariant Masses arXiv:2103.10217
S. V. Chekanov, W. Hopkins. Event-Based Anomaly Detection for New Physics Searches at the LHC Using Machine Learning arXiv:2111.12119
S. V. Chekanov et al. A Note on Blind Technique for New Physics Searches in Particle Physics arXiv:2112.09548
R. M. Harris et al. Sensitivity to Dijet Resonances at Proton-Proton Colliders arXiv:2202.03389
K. Lane. The Composite Higgs Signal at the Next Big Collider arXiv:2203.03710
R. Dermisek et al. Combined Signatures of Heavy Higgses and Vectorlike Fermions at the HL-LHC arXiv:2203.03852
T. Han et al. Axion-Like Particles at High Energy Muon Colliders arXiv:2203.05484
C. B. Verhaaren et al. Searches for Long-Lived Particles at the Future FCC-ee arXiv:2203.05502
R. Mammen Abraham et al. Tau Neutrinos in the Next Decade: from GeV to EeV arXiv:2203.05591
R. Padhan et al. Displaced Fat-Jets and Tracks to Probe Boosted Right-Handed Neutrinos in the U(1)_{B−L} Model arXiv:2203.06114
N. Blinov et al. Strong CP Beyond Axion Direct Detection arXiv:2203.07218
T. Suehara. Two-Fermion Final States at International Linear Collider arXiv:2203.07272
K. F. Di Petrillo et al. Track-Based Triggers for Exotic Signatures arXiv:2203.07314
G. Aielli et al. The Road Ahead for CODEX-b arXiv:2203.07316
W. Altmannshofer et al. Probing New Physics with mu+mu− → bs at a Muon Collider arXiv:2203.07495
C. Alpigiani et al. Recent Progress and Next Steps for the MATHUSLA LLP Detector arXiv:2203.08126
M. Carena et al. Probing the Electroweak Phase Transition with Exotic Higgs Decays arXiv:2203.08206
L. Jeanty et al. Sensitivity to Decays of Long-Lived Dark Photons at the ILC arXiv:2203.08347
G. Albouy et al. Theory, Phenomenology, and Experimental Avenues for Dark Showers arXiv:2203.09503
R. Essig et al. Theory Frontier: Theory Meets the Lab arXiv:2203.10089
A. A. Sahai et al. PetaVolts per Meter Plasmonics arXiv:2203.11623
K. Agashe et al. Collider Physics Opportunities of Extended Warped Extra-Dimensional Models arXiv:2203.13305
G. Rossi. Elementary Particle Non-Perturbative Mass Generation. A Step towards a Beyond-the-Standard-Model Model arXiv:2209.01995
A. Belyaev et al. Single Vector-Like Top Quark Production via Chromomagnetic Interactions at Present and Future Hadron Colliders at the LHC and FCC-hh/SppC Colliders arXiv:2209.03333
J. Pinfold. MoEDAL-MAPP, an LHC Dedicated Detector Search Facility arXiv:2209.03988

Beyond the Standard Model - Dark Matter at Colliders

M. Zaazoua et al. Higgs Portal Vector Dark Matter Interpretation: Review of Effective Field Theory Approach and Ultraviolet Complete Models arXiv:2107.01252
H. Beauchesne, G. Grilli di Cortona. Event-Level Variables for Semivisible Jets using Anomalous Jet Tagging arXiv:2111.12156
T. G. Rizzo. Portal Matter and Dark Sector Phenomenology at Colliders arXiv:2202.02222
J. Kalinowski et al. New Approach to DM Searches with Mono-Photon Signature arXiv:2203.06776
Daniel Craik et al. LHCb Future Dark-Sector Sensitivity Projections for Snowmass 2021 arXiv:2203.07048
T. Han et al. WIMP Dark Matter at High Energy Muon Colliders arXiv:2203.07351
J. Kalinowski et al. New Physics with Missing Energy at Future Lepton Colliders arXiv:2203.07913
T. Ghosh et al. Simplified Dark Matter Models with Charged Mediators arXiv:2203.08107
S. Snyder et al. Prospects for Searches for Higgs Boson Decays to Dark Photons at the ILC arXiv:2203.08270
J. Liu et al. Scalar-Mediated Dark Matter Model at Colliders and Gravitational Wave Detectors arXiv:2203.10046
A. Albert et al. Displaying Dark Matter Constraints from Colliders with Varying Simplified Model Parameters arXiv:2203.12035
K. R. Dienes, B. Thomas. More is Different: Non-Minimal Dark Sectors and Their Implications for Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology – 13 Take-Away Lessons for Snowmass 2021 arXiv:2203.17258
K. Black et al. Prospects for Heavy WIMP Dark Matter Searches at Muon Colliders arXiv:2205.10404
A. Boveia et al. Summarizing Experimental Sensitivities of Collider Experiments to Dark Matter Models and Comparison to Other Experiments arXiv:2206.03456