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This page provides information about software applications available at SLAC for electronic design.

Electronic Design Applications

Overview and General Requirements

Sun version
PC version

All of the electronic design applications run on the Sun platform.
Most of the applications are also available on the Windows platform as well. See the chart below for specifics.

There is a pool of floating licenses available so that anyone may use any of the electronic design applications, up to a limit dependent on the application. To determine how many licenses for each feature exist and how many licenses are checked out by whom the following commands are available:

On a Sun machine, 'cd' to /afs/slac/package/ecad/custom/util and enter command

./lmstat -a -c 1700@sunlics1| pg

On a PC, in a DOS window enter command:

lmutil lmstat -a -c <port-number@license-server>

where 'port-number>@license-server' is the relevant entry from the following list:

Application port-number@license-server
Innoveda EPD 27000@sunlics1
Matlab 27000@sunlics1
Pspice 27000@sunlics1
HP EEsof 27000@sunlics1
PADS 27000@sunlics1
Lucent ORCA Not Flexlm-based. Unclear if this info is accessible in some other way.
Xilinx Uses different license mechanism. No check.

Sun version

To run the Sun version you need a Sun Sparc workstation of any sort, running at least Solaris 2.7.


The most convenient way to run any application is through the use of the appropriate, predefined alias. The aliases are defined in file


To make these aliases effective, you can either issue the command

source /afs/slac/package/ecad/custom/util/cae_aliases

interactively, then call the relevant aliases from the same UNIX window, or, you can include the above statement in one of your startup log-in files.

The available aliases are also listed at the top of the alias file. The aliases are set up in such a way that the various environment variables involved are only defined for the duration of your application session. However, for each of the aliases there is an associated alias that only sets the relevant environment variables, which stay defined even after you exit the application. For alias 'matlab', for example, the associated 'set' alias is 'set_matlab'.

For a list of CAE apps available on the Sun (and PC) platform, see Electronic Design Applications

Running on a remote Sun

It is also possible to run the Sun versions of any CAE application on a remote Sun machine as an X-Windows application and display the graphical output on your own machine. Your local machine can be any type of machine that has X-Windows installed, for example XWin32 in the case of a Windows machine.
The procedure for doing this on a UNIX machine such as a Sun is as follows:
From a UNIX window execute commands:

xhost + <remote host name>
ssh <remote host name>
(on remote host:)
setenv DISPLAY <local host name>:0

It might be useful to define an alias for the last command.

Remote Sun cpu servers available for running CAE applications are:

tersk Solaris 2.8)

PC versions

The Windows versions of the electronic design applications run on PC's with NT 4.0 and XP. The applications are housed on the X: (pub) drive and in most cases you are required to install the application from the copies of the installation CD's on the X: drive to your local drive.
For each CAE application there is a one-time installation/setup procedure described in the relevant links in the electronic design applications table below.

Electronic Design Applications

General application information Purpose Sun Windows NT/XP
Mentor/Innoveda Schematic capture and simulation



EPD 2004SP1
EPD 2004
Version 3.1

Xilinx PLD design - Tightly integrated with Mentor EPD Alliance Series

Xilinx ISE 9.2i
Xilinx ISE 8.2i
Xilinx ISE 8.1i

MathWorks Analysis Matlab

Matlab R2008a (latest)
Matlab R2007b
Matlab R2007a

OrCad's Pspice and Capture Analog simulation and schematic capture - Tightly integrated with Mentor EPD Pspice OrCAD 16.0
OrCAD 15.7
OrCAD 10.5
PADS PC board layout and routing Pads Perform

Power PCB

Version 2.0.1
Version 3.0
Version 3.5.1
Version 4.0
Version 5.0
Version 2004

EEsof ADS Microwave design  

Advanced Design System

EEsof ADS 2008
EEsof ADS 2006 Update
EEsof ADS 2006

Lucent ORCA FPGA design Orca Foundry Foundry 2000
Foundry 2001
Actel Designer Programmable logic design Actel Actel Designer 8.2
Actel Designer 8.1
Actel Designer 7.3

For prior version of the above applications, please refer to xweb.

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