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Matlab release 12 for Windows NT

General Information
Setting up a client PC
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General Information

It is not necessary to remove the existing setup for any earler version of Matlab. More than one version can appear, for example, in your 'Programs' menu. The setup for release 12 is similar to that for the previous version, 5.3.1:

Setting up a client PC

The basic idea for running the application is to invoke Matlab from the CAE netdrive NT environment under AFS. For those who do not yet have the AFS client software for NT, refer to installing AFS Typically your local 'S' drive is used to mount the SLAC AFS area as a netdrive. It corresponds to UNIX directory /afs/slac

Once you have the AFS client software, which houses all the electronic CAE applications, you can proceed to the Matlab installation, after which Matlab will be then accessible in your Start/Programs menu.

The only things that need to be set up on your client PC to run Matlab are a Program Folder entry, and a LM_LICENSE_FILE entry that includes '1780@caesun1'. If an earlier version of Matlab has already been set up on your PC, then the environment setting for release 12 should already be there.

To copy the Programs folder entry, go to the Matlab 12 setup location on the AFS netdrive (S:):


And, if not already done, the last task to perform is to include a reference to the remote license file: