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PADS PowerPCB 4.0 for Windows NT

General Information
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Setting up a network client PC Installing to local PC drive

General Information

Whereas version 3.0 of Power PCB no longer had the translator for bringing in .job files from PADS Perfect on UNIX, the translator is now back in versions starting with 3.5.1, fortunately.
Starting with this verion of PowerPCB the installation location has been moved from its former AFS area to the pub 'X:' drive. This means you do not need to have the AFS client application on your PC in order to run this version of Pspice/Capture.

You can either run Xilinx locally off the remote installation drive (pub X:), or you can download the application to your local disk.

Setting up a client PC

The basic idea for running the application is to invoke PowerPCB from the 'pub' (X:) netdrive.

The PADS PowerPCB version 4.0 setup location on the X: netdrive is:


Two tasks have to be performed: copying the Program Folder entry for running the application, and setting up the reference to the remote license file. These tasks require Admin privileges.

Make sure your environment includes a reference to the remote license file: This concludes the setup of your PC to run the remote application on your PC.
Installing to local PC drive

To install the PowerPCB version 4.0 application to your local drive, go to the setup location on the X: (pub) netdrive:


This completes the installation process to the local PC drive.

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Bob Boeninger
Last updated: November 6, 2001