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Innoveda ePD 2004 for PC's

General Information Switch between EPD 3.1 and 2004
Installing EPD 2004 on a client PC CAE homepage
Install Patch-A Environment Variables
General EPD2004 Readme Running PADS with EPD

General Information

The installation takes place onto your local hard drive, using the copy of the installation software on the SCS application repository.

An important feature missing in EPD 3.1 has been restored in version 2004: Viewsim.

The CAE libraries, which cannot be made available, unfortunately, through the Xweb interface, are stored separately in Folder V:\CAE\EPD\libs\2004. You can either point to that location from your EPD environment, or copy the libraries from that location to your PC.

Installing EPD 2004 on a client PC

Environment Variables

A couple of environment variables should be verified at this point. As system Administrator, check the settings of certain environment variables by going to the 'start', 'settings', 'control panel', 'system', (Advanced, for Win XP) 'environment' menu.

Switching between EPD 3.1 and 2004

Running PADS with EPD
This completes the client PC installation process.

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Last updated: June 30, 2004