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Matlab release 2008a for Windows

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Setting up a client PC Dual-license mode

General Information

It is not necessary to remove the existing setup for any earler version of Matlab. More than one version can appear, for example, in your 'Programs' menu. This version requires about 1 GB of local disk space.

You can check out the extensive 2008a Release Notes for this version.

Matlab 2008a can be downloaded from the Xweb to your PC using the instructions in this document. You can then run Matlab 2008a using one of several possible licenses. You can either use you own individual or group license, supplied to you by your Matlab license administrator, or you can Use one of the 8 floating licenses available to anyone at SLAC, to the extent such a license is still available for checking out. It is also possible to set up your license environment to use both your own license for the main Matlab application and your own toolboxes, together with the floating licenses for toolboxes available with the floating licenses. This requires a second installation of Matlab using the floating license information. In such a scenario, in which you want to use both types of licenses, there are additional steps required following each of the two installations, described below in the section Setting up dual-license mode

Setting up a client PC

This procedure requires administrator privileges on your machine.

Begin by going to the Xweb webpage:

Setting up dual-license mode

Dual-license mode allows you to run the main Matlab application and any toolboxes belonging to your own license using your own license as well as to use additional toolboxes available with the floating licenses, as listed above, using the floating licenses.

This completes the client PC installation process.

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Last updated: June 26,2008