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Matlab release 12.1 for Windows NT

General Information
Setting up a client PC
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General Information

It is not necessary to remove the existing setup for any earler version of Matlab. More than one version can appear, for example, in your 'Programs' menu.

Setting up a client PC

Beginning with this release, there are now two ways of running the application on the NT platform. These are:
Run from the X: (pub) drive Download to local drive from the X: (pub) drive

Run from the X: (pub) drive

In this approach, the Matlab installation on your X: drive is used directly, running on your own machine. The only things that need to be set up on your client PC to run Matlab are a Program Folder entry, and a LM_LICENSE_FILE entry that includes '27000@sunlics1;27000@sunlics2;27000@sunlics3'.

To copy the Programs folder entry, go to the Matlab 12.1 setup location on the X: drive:


Another approach for running the Matlab application is to:

Download to local drive from the X: (pub) drive

Set up the reference to the license file

This completes the client PC installation process.

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Bob Boeninger
Last updated: Feb. 16, 2000