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This page provides information about UNIX aliases available for invoking electronic design applications.

Electronic Design Applications

CAE Alias definitions are stored in file /usr/cad/slac/util/cae_aliases. This file can be 'source'd, preferably in your .cshrc file, so that the aliases are available automatically. Here you can read a little more about the CAE aliases.

The aliases are listed in the following table:
Alias Application
epd2004 Innoveda, version 2004
epd31 Innoveda, version 3.1
epd30 Innoveda, version 3.0
epd20 Innoveda, version 2.0
epd11 Innoveda, version 1.1
pv61, pv, powerview Viewlogic Powerview, version 6.1
fusion14, fusion Viewlogic fusion simulator for PV 6.1
pv60 Viewlogic Powerview, version 6.0
-------------- ----------------------------------
matlab142 Mathworks matlab, release 14, SP 2
matlab142_linux Mathworks matlab, release 14, SP 2, for Linux
matlab141 Mathworks matlab, release 14, SP 1
matlab141_linux Mathworks matlab, release 14, SP 1, for Linux
matlab14 Mathworks matlab, release 14
matlab131 Mathworks matlab, release 13, SP 1
matlab13 Mathworks matlab, release 13
matlab13_nd Mathworks matlab, release 13, with no GUI, just the prompt
matlab121 Mathworks matlab, release 12.1
matlab121_linux Mathworks matlab, release 12.1 for Linux platform
matlab12 Mathworks matlab, release 12
matlab, matlab531 Mathworks matlab, version 5.31 (release 11.1)
-------------- ----------------------------------
ads2002c HP EEsof 'hpads', version 2002C of Advanced Design
ads2002 HP EEsof 'hpads', version 2002 of Advanced Design
ads15 HP EEsof 'hpads', version 1.5 of Advanced Design
ads, ads13 HP EEsof 'hpads', version 1.3 of Advanced Design
touchstone HP EEsof 'touchstone', version 6.1
linecalc HP EEsof 'linecalc', version 6.1
-------------- ----------------------------------
ise_62i Xilinx, Alliance version ISE 6.2i
ise_62i_linux Xilinx, Alliance version ISE 6.2i Linux
ise_61i Xilinx, Alliance version ISE 6.1i
ise_52i Xilinx, Alliance version ISE 5.2i
ise_51i Xilinx, Alliance version ISE 5.1i
ise_42i Xilinx, Alliance version ISE 4.2i
ise_41i Xilinx, Alliance version ISE 4.1i
xact_m33i Xilinx 'xact', Alliance version 3.3i
xact_m31i Xilinx 'xact', Alliance version 3.1i
xact_m15i Xilinx 'xact', Alliance version M1.5i
xact Xilinx 'xact', last pre-Alliance version, 5.2.1.
-------------- ----------------------------------
pspice MicroSim pspice, version 7.1
probe MicroSim probe, version 7.1
-------------- ----------------------------------
orca_f2001 Lucent's Orca Foundry, version 'Foundry 2001'.
orca, orca_f2000 Lucent's Orca Foundry, version 'Foundry 2000'.
-------------- ----------------------------------
abel ABEL, version 5.2.
-------------- ----------------------------------
pads PADS Perform, version 6.02, for SunOS only.
-------------- ----------------------------------
act_R1_2003 Actel Designer R1-2003
act_R1_2002 Actel Designer R1-2002
-------------- ----------------------------------

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Last updated: April 27, 2002