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H: Tracking and Vertexing

Conveners: Massimo Caccia: massimo.caccia, Paul Colas, Dean Karlen, Hwanbae Park, Richard Partridge, Yasuhiro Sugimoto

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PSN Presenter Title Talk PAPER SPIRES arXiv
0801 Sonja Hillert

(University of Oxford)

Heavy Flavour ID and Quark Charge Measurement with an ILC Vertex Detector [TALK]      
0802 Konstantin Stefanov

(Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)

Detector R&D at the LCFI Collaboration [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0803 Andre Sopczak

(Lancaster University)

Charge Transfer Inefficiency Studies for CCD Vertex Detectors at a LC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0804 Yasuhiro  Sugimoto


Fine Pixel CCD Option for the ILC Vertex Detector [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0805 Marcel Trimpl

(Bonn University)

Performance of a DEPFET Pixel Matrix System for the ILC Vertex Detector [TALK]      
0806 Ladislav  Andricek

(MPI fuer Physik, Halbleiterlabor)

The Active DEPFET Pixel Sensor: Irradiation Effects due to Ionizing Radiation [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0807 Jaap Velthuis

(University of Liverpool)

Status of the UK MAPS Project [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0808 Marc Winter


A Swift and Slim Flavour Tagger Exploiting the CMOS Sensor Technology [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0809 Devis  Contarato


Beam-test of CMOS Sensors with 6 GeV Electrons at DESY [TALK]      
0810 Charles Baltay

(Yale University)

Monolithic CMOS Pixel Detectors for ILC Vertex Detectors [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0811 Marco Battaglia

(UC Berkeley and LBNL)

Monolithic CMOS Pixel R&D for the ILC at LBNL [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0812 Antonio  Bulgheroni

(INFN Milano)

Status of the SOI Detector R&D [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0813 Tim Nelson


Silicon Tracker Design for the ILC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0814 Aurore Savoy Navarro


Large Silicon Tracking Systems for ILC: Role, Design and Main Issues [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0815 William Cooper


Evolution of the Design of a Silicon Tracker for the Linear Collider [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0816 Haijun  Yang

(University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Frequency Scanned Interferometry for ILC Tracker Alignment [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0817 Haijun Yang

(University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Impact of Tracker Design on Higgs/Slepton Property Measurement [TALK]      
0818 Hwanbae Park

(Kyungpook National University)

Fabrication and Measurements of DSSD [TALK]      
0819 George Bashindzhagyan

(Moscow State University)

Digital Active Pixel Array for LC Tracker [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0820 Jean-Francois  Genat


Front-end and Readout Electronics for Silicon Trackers at the ILC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0821 Bruce Schumm

(UC Santa Cruz)

Update on R&D into Long Shaping-time Silicon Readout [TALK]      
0822 Bruce Schumm

(UC Santa Cruz)

SUSY Constraints on Forward Tracking [TALK]      
0823 Yukihiro Kato

(Kinki University)

Monte Carlo Study of TPC Performance [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0824 Astrid Muennich

(RWTH Aachen)

R&D for a TPC with GEM Readout [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0825 Dean Karlen

(University of Victoria and TRIUMF)

Study of GEM-TPC Performance in Magnetic Fields [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0826 Peter Wienemann


Spatial Resolution Studies with a GEM-TPC in High Magnetic Fields [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0827 Akira Sugiyama

(Saga University)

Cosmic Ray Test of GEM-MPI/TPC in Magnetic Field [TALK]      
0828 Paul Colas


Results from a Micromegas TPC Cosmic Ray Test [TALK]      
0829 Madhu  Dixit

(TRIUMF and Carleton University)

Spatial Resolution of a Micromegas--TPC Using the Charge Dispersion Signal [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0830 Ron Settles

(Max Planck Institute for Physics/DESY)

Performance of an LC TPC Prototype with MWPC Measure in a KEK Test Beam [TALK]      
0831 Daniel Peterson

(Cornell University)

The Cornell/Purdue TPC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0832 Johannes (Jan) Timmermans


Readout of a TPC by Means of the MediPix CMOS Pixel Sensor [TALK]      
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