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The 2005 International Linear Collider Workshop was organized by the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center under the auspices of the Worldwide Study of the Physics and Detectors for Future Linear electron-positron colliders. The Worldwide Study is chaired by James Brau (representing the Americas), Histoshi Yamamoto (Asia) and David J. Miller (Europe). The Program Committee, also chaired by these three gentlemen, was responsible for planning the workshop agenda, including the topics to be presented, the invited plenary speakers, and the conveners of the worldwide study groups. The International Advisory Committee provided valuable recommendations and suggestions in defining the priorities of the workshop. The study group conveners organized the parallel sessions and coordinated presentations during the workshop.

The Local Organizing Committee was responsible for the administrative tasks in association with the workshop. The workshop coordinator, Maura Chatwell, provided the organization and skill necessary for the successful operation of LCWS 2005. Sharon West and Yasuko Weyhrauch managed the submitted manuscripts and brought these Proceedings into its final form.

We thank Arthur Bienenstock and Jonathan Dorfan for providing support from Stanford University for the workshop.

Finally, we thank the authors who contributed to these Proceedings, and all of the workshop participants for their enthusiastic attendance and contributions to a successful LCWS 2005!