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B: SUSY Particles

Conveners: Seong Youl Choi, Ayres Freitas, Hans-Ulrich Martyn, Yasuhiro Okada, Graham Wilson

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PSN Presenter Title Talk PAPER SPIRES arXiv
0201 Wolfgang Hollik

(MPI Munich)

Supersymmetry Parameter Analysis: SPA Convention and Project [TALK]      
0202 Philip Bechtle


Supersymmetry Parameter Analysis with Fittino [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0203 Dominik Stockinger

(IPPP Durham)

Regularization of Supersymmetric Theories: Recent Improvements [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0204 Karol Kovarik

(HEPHY Vienna)

Precise Predictions for SUSY Processes at the ILC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0205 Wolfgang Kilian


Split Supersymmetry at Colliders [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0206 Gudrid Moortgat-Pick


Identifying the NMSSM by the Interplay of LHC and ILC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0207 Howard Baer

(Florida SU)

Crazy SUSY Scenarios for the ILC That Just Might be True [TALK]      
0208 Marco Aurelio Diaz

(Santiago Chile)

Neutrinos in Supersymmetry [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0209 Naoyuki Haba

(Tokushima University)

Higgs Mass in the Gauge-Higgs Unification Theory [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0210 Andreas Birkedal

(University of Florida)

Slepton Mass Measurements at  the LHC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0211 Per Osland

(Bergen University)

Resolving Ambiguities in Mass Determinations at Future Colliders [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0212 Sabine Kraml

(CERN / IISc Bangalore)

Fermion Polarization in Sfermion Decays        
0213 Eduard Boos


Impact of Tau Polarization on the Study of the MSSM Charged Higgses Bosons in Top Quark Decays at the ILC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0214 Bruce Schumm

(UC Santa Cruz)

Selectron Mass Reconstruction and the Resolution of the Linear Collider Detector [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0215 Kyoungchul Kong

(University of Florida)

The Impact of Beamstrahlung on Precision Measurements at CLIC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0216 Hanna Nowak

(DESY Zeuthen)

Studies on Scalar Top Quarks, Chargino and Scalar Lepton Production at a Future Linear Collider        
0217 Uriel Nauenberg


The Importance of Positron Polarization and the Deleterious Effects of Beam/Bremmstrahlung on the Measurement of Supersymmetric Particle Masses and other Parameters [TALK]      
0218 Carlos Wagner


Low Energy Supersymmetry and Electroweak Baryogenesis [TALK]      
0219 Caroline Milstene


Analysis of Stops With Small Stop-Neutralino Mass Difference at a LC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0220 Jean-Loic Kneur


Updated Constraints on the Minimal Supergravity Model [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0221 Georg Weiglein

(IPPP Durham)

Sensitivities to the SUSY Scale from Electroweak Precision Observables [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
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