Conveners: Aaron S. Chou, Marcelle Soares-Santos, Tim M. P. Tait

Frontier Summary Report arXiv:2211.09978

Topical Group Reports:

        Dark Matter: Particle-Like arXiv:2209.07426
                Conveners: Jodi Cooley, Tongyan Lin, W. Hugh Lippincott,
                      Tracy R. Slatyer, Tien-Tien Yu
        Dark Matter: Wave-Like arXiv:2209.08125
                Conveners: Joerg Jaeckel, Gray Rybka, Lindley Winslow
        Dark Matter: Cosmic Probes arXiv:2209.08215
                Conveners: Alex Drlica-Wagner, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Hai-Bo Yu
        Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration: the Modern Universe arXiv:2209.08049
                Conveners: James Annis, Jeffrey A. Newman, Anže Slosar
        Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration: Cosmic Dawn and Before arXiv:2209.08265
                Conveners: Clarence L. Chang, Laura Newburgh, Deirdre Shoemaker
        Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration: Complementarity of Probes and New Facilities arXiv:2209.08654
                Conveners:Brenna Flaugher, Vivian Miranda, David J. Schlegel
        Cosmic Probes of Fundamental Physics arXiv:2209.11726
                Conveners: Rana X. Adhikari, Luis A. Anchordoqui, Ke Fang,
                      B. S. Sathyaprakash, Kirsten Tollefson

Cross-Frontier Reports:

A. Boveia et al. Snowmass 2021 Dark Matter Complementarity Report arXiv:2210.01770

Contributed Papers:

General - centered on this frontier:

N. Sehgal et al. CMB-HD: An Ultra-Deep, High Resolution Millimeter Wave Survey over Half the Sky arXiv:1906.10134
L. A. Anchordoqui et al. The Forward Physics Facility: Sites, Experiments, and Physics Potential arXiv:2109.10905
J. L. Feng et al. The Forward Physics Facility at the High-Luminosity LHC arXiv:2203.05090
P. Asadi et al. Early-Universe Model Building arXiv:2203.06680
K. Abazajian et al. CMB-S4 White Paper arXiv:2203.08024
E. Adelberger et al. Precision Studies of Spacetime Symmetries and Gravitational Physics arXiv:2203.09691
A. Berlin et al. Searches for New Particles, Dark Matter, and Gravitational Waves with SRF Cavities arXiv:2203.12714

General - cross-listed:

D. Carney et al. Quantum Sensors for HEP Science – Interferometers, Mechanics, Traps, and Clocks arXiv:2203.07250
S. Banerjee Detector and Beamline Simulation for Next-Generation High Energy Physics Experiments arXiv:2203.07614
D. Casper et al. Software and Computing for Small HEP Experiments arXiv:2203.07645
M. Alvarez et al. Data Preservation for Cosmology arXiv:2203.08113
J. Heise. The Sanford Underground Research Facility arXiv:2203.08293
E. Barzi et al. High Energy & High Luminosity γγ Colliders arXiv:2203.08353
A. Alekou et al. The European Spallation Source Neutrino Super Beam arXiv:2203.08803
H. O. Back et al. A Facility for Low-Radioactivity Underground Argon arXiv:2203.09734
R. Essig et al. Theory Frontier: Theory Meets the Lab arXiv:2203.10089
E. Barzi et al. In Search of Excellence and Equity in Physics arXiv:2203.10393
J. M. Campbell et al. Event Generators for High-Energy Physics Experiments arXiv:2203.11110
M. Endo et al. Japan’s Strategy for Future Projects in High Energy Physics arXiv:2203.13979
S. Pereverzev et al. Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors and Effect of Accumulation and Unsteady Releases of Excess Energy in Materials arXiv:2204.01919
A. S. Kronfeld et al. Lattice QCD and Particle Physics arXiv:2207.07641
E. Barzi et al. How Community Agreements Can Improve Workplace Culture in Physics arXiv:2209.06755

Dark Matter: Particle-like

A. Aboubrahim et al. Hidden Sectors and a Multi-Temperature Universe arXiv:2106.06494
M. Zaazoua et al. Higgs Portal Vector Dark Matter Interpretation: Review of Effective Field Theory Approach and Ultraviolet Complete Models arXiv:2107.01252
T. G. Rizzo. Portal Matter and Dark Sector Phenomenology at Colliders arXiv:2202.02222
J. Aalbers et al. A Next-Generation Liquid Xenon Observatory for Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics arXiv:2203.02309
G. Wang et al. Light Dark Matter Detection with Hydrogen-Rich Crystals and Low-Tc TES Detectors arXiv:2201.04219
K. Alfonso et al. Passive Low Energy Nuclear Recoil Detection with Color Centers – PALEOCCENE arXiv:2203.05525
C. A. J. O'Hare et al. Recoil Imaging for Dark Matter, Neutrinos, and Physics Beyond the Standard Model arXiv:2203.05914
R. Ebadi et al. Directional Detection of Dark Matter Using Solid-State Quantum Sensing arXiv:2203.06037
A. Abed Abud et al. (DUNE Collaboration) DUNE Physics Summary arXiv:2203.06100
B. Monreal. High-Pressure TPCs in Pressurized Caverns: Opportunities in Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics arXiv:2203.06262
D. Carney et al. Ultraheavy particle dark matter arXiv:2203.06508
S. Ando et al. Synergies between Dark Matter Searches and Multiwavelength/Multimessenger Astrophysics arXiv:2203.06781
R. K. Leane et al. Puzzling Excesses in Dark Matter Searches and How to Resolve Them arXiv:2203.06859
T. Aramaki et al. The Landscape of Cosmic-Ray and High-Energy Photon Probes of Particle Dark Matter arXiv:2203.06894
A. Attanasio et al. (Windchime Collaboration) The Windchime Project arXiv:2203.07242
T. Han et al. WIMP Dark Matter at High Energy Muon Colliders arXiv:2203.07351
A. Mitridate et al. Light Dark Matter Direct Detection at the Interface With Condensed Matter Physics arXiv:2203.07492
A. Aryshev et al. The International Linear Collider arXiv:2203.07622
D. Baxter et al. Calibrations and Backgrounds for Dark Matter Direct Detection arXiv:2203.07623
Y. Kahn et al. Modeling, Statistics, Simulations, and Computing Needs for Direct Dark Matter Detection arXiv:2203.07700
B. Dutta et al. U(1)_T3R Extension of Standard Model: A Sub-GeV Dark Matter Model arXiv:2203.07786
J. Liao et al. Introduction to a Low-Mass Dark Matter Project,ALETHEIA: A Liquid hElium Time projection cHambEr In dArk matter arXiv:2203.07901
D.S. Akerib et al. Dark Matter Direct Detection to the Neutrino Fog arXiv:2203.08084
R. Essig et al. The Landscape of Low-Threshold Dark Matter Direct Detection in the Next Decade arXiv:2203.08297
M. F. Albakry et al. A Strategy for Low-Mass Dark Matter Searches with Cryogenic Detectors in the SuperCDMS SNOLAB Facility arXiv:2203.08463
A. Avasthi et al. Low Background kTon-Scale Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers arXiv:2203.08821
ATLAS and CMS Collaborations. Physics with the Phase-2 ATLAS and CMS Detectors CDS-2806962
D. Akimov et al. The COHERENT Experimental Program arXiv:2204.04575
J. Dickinson et al. A Grand Scan of the pMSSM Parameter Space for Snowmass 2021 arXiv:2207.05103
B. Batell et al. Dark Sector Studies with Neutrino Beams arXiv:2207.06898
B. Batell et al. Exploring Dark Sector Portals with High Intensity Experiments arXiv:2207.06905
E. Alfonso-Pita et al. Scintillating Bubble Chambers: Liquid-Noble Bubble Chambers for Dark Matter and CEνNS Detection arXiv:2207.12400
J. Asaadi et al. Physics Opportunities in the ORNL Spallation Neutron Source Second Target Station Era arXiv:2209.02883

Dark Matter: Wave-like

N. Blinov et al. Strong CP Beyond Axion Direct Detection arXiv:2203.07218
D. Budker et al. Quantum Sensors for High Precision Measurements of Spin-dependent Interactions arXiv:2203.09488
D. Antypas et al. New Horizons: Scalar and Vector Ultralight Dark Matter arXiv:2203.14915
J. Jaeckel et al. (Axion Prospects Collaboration) Axion Dark Matter arXiv:2203.14923

Dark Matter: Cosmic Probes

S.Chakrabarti et al. Observational Facilities to Study Dark Matter arXiv:2203.06200
A. Banerjee et al. Cosmological Simulations for Dark Matter Physics arXiv:2203.07049
C. Dvorkin et al. Dark Matter Physics from the CMB-S4 Experiment arXiv:2203.07064
Y.-Y. Mao et al. Vera C. Rubin Observatory as a Flagship Dark Matter Experiment arXiv:2203.07252
K. Bechtol et al. Dark Matter Physics from Halo Measurements arXiv:2203.07354
M. Valluri et al. Prospects for obtaining Dark Matter Constraints with DESI arXiv:2203.07491
M. Baryakhtar et al. Dark Matter In Extreme Astrophysical Environments arXiv:2203.07984
C. Dvorkin et al. Machine Learning and Cosmology arXiv:2203.08056
J. Burns et al. A Lunar Farside Low Radio Frequency Array for Dark Ages 21-cm Cosmology arXiv:2103.08623
S. Bird et al. Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter arXiv:2203.08967
K. R. Dienes et al. More is Different: Non-Minimal Dark Sectors and Their Implications for Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology – 13 Take-Away Lessons for Snowmass 2021 arXiv:2203.17258

Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration: The Modern Universe

S. Chakrabarti et al. Real-time Cosmology with High Precision Spectroscopy and Astrometry arXiv:2203.05924
B. Blum et al. Rubin Observatory after LSST arXiv:2203.07220
K. Dawson et al. High Density Galaxy Clustering in the Regime of Cosmic Acceleration arXiv:2203.07291
S. Ferraro et al. Cosmology and Fundamental Physics from the Three-Dimensional Large Scale Structure arXiv:2203.07506
J. A. Blazek et al. Enabling Flagship Dark Energy Experiments to Reach their Full Potential arXiv:2204.01992
D. J. Schlegel et al. The MegaMapper: A Stage-5 Spectroscopic Instrument Concept for the Study of Inflation and Dark Energy arXiv:2209.04322

Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration: Cosmic Dawn and Before

S. Aiola et al. (CMB-HD Collaboration). CMB-HD White Paper arXiv:2203.05728
A. Goel et al. Probing the Cosmic Dark Ages with the Lunar Crater Radio Telescope arXiv:2205.05745
K. S. Karkare et al. Cosmology with Millimeter-Wave Line Intensity Mapping arXiv:2203.07258
C. L. Chang et al. Cosmic Microwave Background Measurements White Paper arXiv:2203.07638
A. Liu et al. 21cm Radiation as a Probe of Physics Across Cosmic Ages arXiv:2203.07864
C. Dvorkin et al. The Physics of Light Relics arXiv:2203.07943
D. Baumann et al. The Cosmological Bootstrap arXiv:2203.08121
A. Achúcarro et al. Inflation: Theory and Observations arXiv:2203.08128

Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration: Complementarity of Probes and New Facilities

E. J. Baxter et al. Opportunities from Cross-survey Analyses of Static Probes arXiv:2203.06795
A. G. Kim et al. Multi-Experiment Probes for Dark Energy – Transients arXiv:2203.11226
D. J. Schlegel et al. A Spectroscopic Road Map for Cosmic Frontier: DESI, DESI-II, Stage-5 arXiv:2209.03585

Cosmic Probes of Fundamental Physics

R. Mammen Abraham et al. Tau Neutrinos in the Next Decade: from GeV to EeV arXiv:2203.05591
E. Abdalla et al. Cosmology Intertwined: A Review of the Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Associated with the Cosmological Tensions and Anomalies arXiv:2203.06142
E. Berti et al. Cosmic Frontier: Fundamental Physics and Beyond the Standard Model arXiv:2203.06240
W. Bai et al. Prompt Electron and Tau Neutrinos and Antineutrinos in the Forward Region at the LHC arXiv:2203.07212
K. Engel et al. The Future of Gamma-Ray Experiments in the MeV-EeV Range arXiv:2203.07360
K. N. Abazajian et al. Synergy between Cosmological and Laboratory Searches in Neutrino Physics arXiv:2203.07377
R. Caldwell et al. Detection of Early-Universe Gravitational Wave Signatures and Fundamental Physics arXiv:2203.07972
M. Ackermann et al. High-Energy and Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos arXiv:2203.08096
F. Foucart et al. Numerical Relativity for Next-Generation Gravitational-Wave Probes of Fundamental Physics arXiv:2203.08139
M. Carena et al. Probing the Electroweak Phase Transition with Exotic Higgs Decays arXiv:2203.08206
S. W. Ballmer et al. Future Gravitational-Wave Detector Facilities arXiv:2203.08228
K. Engel et al. Advancing the Landscape of Multimessenger Science in the Next Decade arXiv:2203.10074
R. Brito et al. Probing dark matter with small-scale astrophysical observations arXiv:2203.15954
P. Harris et al. Physics Community Needs, Tools, and Resources for Machine Learning arXiv:2203.16255
D. Beznosko et al. Probing Fundamental Physics With Multi-Modal Cosmic Ray Events arXiv:2204.04045
A. Buonanno et al. Gravitational Waves and Scattering Amplitudes arXiv:2204.05194
A. Coleman et al. Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays: The Intersection of the Cosmic and Energy Frontiers arXiv:2205.05845
K. M. Zurek et al. Observational Signatures of Quantum Gravity arXiv:2205.01799
J. de Boer et al. Frontiers of Quantum Gravity: Shared Challenges, Converging Directions arXiv:2207.10618
S. Bogdanov et al. The Dense Matter Equation of State and QCD Phase Transitions arXiv:2209.07412