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J: Simulation and Reconstruction

Conveners: Norman Graf, Akiya Miyamoto, David Ward

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PSN Presenter Title Talk PAPER SPIRES arXiv
1001 Frank Gaede


Overview of Simulation and Reconstruction Tools in Europe [TALK]      
1002 Akiya  Miyamoto


Status of Software Studies in Asia [TALK]      
1003 Jeremy  McCormick


Full Detector Simulation using SLIC and LCDD [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1004 Tony  Johnson


org.lcsim Reconstruction [TALK]      
1005 Guilherme  Lima

(Northern Illinois University)

LCDG4 and DigiSim -- Simulation Activities at NICADD/NIU [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
1006 Willy  Langeveld


Fast Detector Simulation Using Lelaps, Detector Descriptions in GODL [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
1007 Henri Videau

(LLR-Ecole polytechnique)

Mokka Updates [TALK]      
1008 Astrid  Muennich

(RWTH Aachen)

TPC Simulation [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1009 Nikolai  Sinev

(University of Oregon)

The Efficiency of Track Reconstruction Using the Vertex Detector as the Primary Tracking Device [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1010 David  Jackson

(University of Oxford / RAL)

Studies of Heavy Flavour Jet Tagging with ZVTOP with JAS3 [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1011 Caroline  Milstene


Improvements to the LC Muon Tracking and Identification Software [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
1012 Dmitry  Onoprienko

(Kansas State University)

Calorimeter-Assisted Tracking of Long-lived Particles with SiD [TALK]      
1013 Brandon Drummond

(University of Texas at Dallas)

A Calorimeter Showerlibrary [TALK]      
1014 Norman  Graf


Individual Particle Reconstruction [TALK]      
1015 Steve  Magill

(Argonne National Laboratory / SLAC)

LC HCAL Absorber and Active Media Comparisons using a Particle-Flow Algorithm [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1016 Dhiman  Chakraborty

(Northern Illinois University)

PFA update [TALK]      
1017 Chris  Ainsley

(University of Cambridge)

Application of Layer-by-Layer Clustering to a Generalised Calorimeter [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1018 Roman Poeschl


Software for the CALICE Project(s) [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1019 Jaehoon Yu

(University of Texas at Arlington)

ILC Test Beam Summary [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1020 Makoto  Asai


Geant4 Status and Plans [TALK]      
1021 Grahame  Blair

(Royal Holloway, Univ. of London)

BDSIM simulation of BDS and IR [TALK]      
1022 Hiroyuki  Matsunaga

(University of Tsukuba)

Simulation Study of Scintillator-based Calorimeter [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1023 Noriko Nakajima

(Niigata University)

Correlation Matrix Method for Pb/Scint Sampling Calorimeter [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
1024 Ivanka Bozovic-Jelisavcic

(VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences)

Simulation of Physics Background for Luminosity Measurement at ILC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
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