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D: Top and QCD

Conveners: Stewart Boogert, Rohini Godbole, Aurelio Juste

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PSN Presenter Title Talk PAPER SPIRES arXiv
0401 Sven Heinemeyer


Physics Gain of a Precise m_t Measurement [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0402 Andre Hoang

(Max-Planck-Institute for Physics)

Effects of the Finite Top Lifetime at the Top-AntiTop Threshold [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0403 Matthias Steinhauser

(University of Karlsruhe)

Corrections of Order beta^3_0 alpha^3_s to the Energy Levels and Wave Function [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0404 Andre Hoang

(Max-Planck-Institute for Physics)

Effects of the t t-bar Threshold in e+e+->t t-bar H [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0405 Stewart Boogert

(University College London)

Luminosity Spectrum Impact on Top Mass Measurement at Threshold [TALK]      
0406 Johann Kuehn

(University of Karlsruhe)

Implications of new four loop calculations on QCD precision studies [TALK]      
0407 Ulrich Baur

(State University of New York)

Probing Electroweak Top Quark Couplings at Hadron and Lepton Colliders [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]