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C: New Physics at TeV Scales and Precision Electroweak Studies

Conveners: Klaus Moenig, Sreerup Raychaudhuri, Tom Rizzo, David Strom

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PSN Presenter Title Talk PAPER SPIRES arXiv
0301 Per Osland


Positron Polarization at the International Linear Collider [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0302 Kyoungchul Kong


Contrasting Supersymmetry and Universal Extra Dimensions at Colliders [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0303 Sabine Riemann


Z' Signals from Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0304 Ronan Ingbir

(Tel Aviv)

Monte Carlo Study of a Luminosity Detector for the International Linear Collider [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0305 Eric Torrence


Beam parameter measurements [TALK]      
0306 Thomas Rizzo


Collider Signatures of Higher Curvature Gravity [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0307 Alexander Pankov


Identification of Large Extra Spatial Dimensions at the LC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0308 Satyanarayan Nandi


Hidden Gauge Symmetries: a new possibility at colliders [TALK]      
0309 Marco Battaglia


The Invisible Higgs Decay Width in the ADD Model at the ILC   [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0310 Predrag Krstonosic


Experimental Studies of Strong Electroweak Symmetry Breaking in Gauge Boson Scattering and Three Gauge Boson Production [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0311 Wolfgang Kilian


Resonances and Electroweak Observables at the ILC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0312 Jadranka Sekaric


Trilinear Gauge Couplings from gamma gamma -> W+W- [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0313 Sonja Hillert


Quark Charge Measurement with an ILC Vertex Detector [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES]  
0314 Andreas Birkedal


Phenomenology of Higgsless Models at the LHC and the ILC [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
0315 Juergen Reuter


Pseudo-Axions in Little Higgs Models (Joint with Higgs) [TALK]    


0316 John Conley


Determining the parameters of the littlest Higgs model at the ILC (Joint with Higgs) [TALK]      
0317 Ben Lillie


Collider Phenomenology of Higgs Bosons in Left-Right Symmetric Randall-Sundrum Models (Joint with Higgs) [TALK] [PAPER] [SPIRES] [arXiv]
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