Conveners: Marina Artuso, Robert H. Bernstein, Alexey A. Petrov

Frontier Summary Report arXiv:2210.04765

Topical Group Reports:

        Weak Decays of b and c Quarks arXiv:2208.05403
                Conveners: Angelo Di Canto, Stefan Meinel
        Weak Decays of Strange and Light Quarks arXiv:2209.07156
                Conveners: Evgueni Goudzovski, Emilie Passemar
        Fundamental Physics in Small Experiments arXiv:2209.08041
                Conveners: Thomas Blum, Peter Winter
        Baryon and Lepton Number Violation arXiv:2209.03340
                Conveners: Pavel Fileviez Perez, Andrea Pocar
        Charged Lepton Flavor Violation arXiv:2209.00142
                Conveners: Sacha Davidson, Bertrand Echenard
        Dark Sector at High Intensities arXiv:2209.04671
                Conveners: Stefania Gori, Michael Williams
        Hadron Spectroscopy arXiv:2207.14594
                Conveners: Richard F. Lebed, Tomasz Skwarnicki

Cross-Frontier Reports:

A. Boveia et al. Snowmass 2021 Dark Matter Complementarity Report arXiv:2210.01770

Contributed Papers:

General - centered on this frontier

L. A. Anchordoqui et al. The Forward Physics Facility: Sites, Experiments, and Physics Potential arXiv:2109.10905
J. Arrington et al. Physics Opportunities for the Fermilab Booster Replacement arXiv:2203.03925
J. L. Feng et al. The Forward Physics Facility at the High-Luminosity LHC arXiv:2203.05090
P. J. Fox et al. DIMUS: Super-Compact Dimuonium Spectroscopy Collider at Fermilab arXiv:2203.07144
O. Buchmueller et al. Quantum Sensors for HEP Science – Interferometers, Mechanics, Traps, and Clocks arXiv:2203.07250
J. Elam et al. (REDTOP Collaboration) The REDTOP Experiment: Rare η/η′ Decays To Probe New Physics arXiv:2203.07651
A. Alekou et al. The European Spallation Source Neutrino Super Beam arXiv:2203.08803
E. Adelberger et al. Precision Studies of Spacetime Symmetries and Gravitational Physics arXiv:2203.09691
D. M. Asner et al. Belle II Executive Summary arXiv:2203.10203
M. Endo et al. Japan’s Strategy for Future Projects in High Energy Physics arXiv:2203.13979
LHCb Collaboration. Future Physics Potential of LHCb CDS-2806113
H. B. Li et al. Physics in the Tau-Charm Region at BESIII arXiv:2204.08943
S. Banerjee et al. Upgrading SuperKEKB with a Polarized Electron Beam: Discovery Potential and Proposed Implementation arXiv:2205.12847
T. Markiewicz et al. The SLAC Linac to ESA (LESA) Beamline for Dark Sector Searches and Test Beams arXiv:2205.13215
L. Aggarwal et al. (Belle II Collaboration). Belle II Physics Reach and Plans for the Next Decade and Beyond arXiv:2207.06307
A. Kronfeld et al. Lattice QCD and Particle Physics arXiv:2207.07641

General - cross-listed

A. Blondel et al. FCC-ee: Your Questions Answered arXiv:1906.02693
G. Bernardi et al. The Future Circular Collider: a Summary for the US 2021 Snowmass Process arXiv:2203.06520
S. Banerjee et al. Detector and Beamline Simulation for Next-Generation High Energy Physics Experiments arXiv:2203.07614
D. Casper et al. Software and Computing for Small HEP Experiments arXiv:2203.07645
J. Heise. The Sanford Underground Research Facility arXiv:2203.08293
E. Barzi et al. High Energy & High Luminosity γγ Colliders arXiv:2203.08353
E. Barzi et al. An Impartial Perspective for Superconducting Nb3Sn coated Copper RF Cavities for Future Accelerators arXiv:2203.09718
E. Barzi et al. In Search of Excellence and Equity in Physics arXiv:2203.10393
E. Barzi et al. How Community Agreements Can Improve Workplace Culture in Physics arXiv:2209.06755

Weak Decays of b and c Quarks

J. Charles et al. New Physics in B Meson Mixing: Future Sensitivity and Limitations arXiv:2006.04824
H.-Y. Cheng et al. Charm Physics in the High-Luminosity Super Tau-Charm Factory arXiv:2203.03211
ATLAS and CMS Collaborations. Physics with the Phase-2 ATLAS and CMS Detectors CDS-2806962
P. A. Boyle et al. A Lattice QCD Perspective on Weak Decays of b and c Quarks arXiv:2205.15373
W. Altmannshofer, F. Archilli. Rare Decays of b and c Hadrons arXiv:2206.11331
D. Guadagnoli, P. Koppenburg. Lepton-Flavor Violation and Lepton-Flavor-Universality Violation in b and c Decays arXiv:2207.01851
A. Lenz, S. Monteil. High Precision in CKM Unitarity Tests in b and c Decays arXiv:2207.11055
A. Dery et al. CP Violation in b and c Quark Decays arXiv:2209.07429

Weak Decays of Strange and Light Quarks

E. Goudzovski et al. New Physics Searches at Kaon and Hyperon Factories arXiv:2201.07805
N. Salone et al. Study of CP violation in Hyperon Decays at Super Charm-Tau Factories with a Polarized Electron Beam arXiv:2203.03035
J. Aebischer et al. On the Importance of Rare Kaon Decays arXiv:2203.09524
T. Blum et al. Discovering New Physics in Rare Kaon Decays arXiv:2203.10998
KOTO, LHCb, NA62/KLEVER Collaborations, the US Kaon Interest Group. Searches for New Physics with High-Intensity Kaon Beams arXiv:2204.13394

Fundamental Physics in Small Experiments

J. Aalbers et al. A Next-Generation Liquid Xenon Observatory for Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics arXiv:2203.02309
W. Altmannshofer et al. (PIONEER Collaboration) Testing Lepton Flavor Universality and CKM Unitarity with Rare Pion Decays in the PIONEER experiment arXiv:2203.05505
G. Huang et al. R Measurement and QCD Studies at Future Super Tau−Charm Factory arXiv:2203.06961
J. Liao et al. Introduction to a Low-Mass Dark Matter Project, ALETHEIA: A Liquid hElium Time projection cHambEr In dArk matter arXiv:2203.07901
R. Alarcon et al. Electric Dipole Moments and the Search for New Physics arXiv:2203.08103
T. Ghosh et al. Simplified Dark Matter Models with Charged Mediators arXiv:2203.08107
D. Antypas et al. New Horizons: Scalar and Vector Ultralight Dark Matter arXiv:2203.14915
J. Jaekel et al. (Axion Prospects Collaboration). Axion Dark Matter arXiv:2203.14923
G. Colangelo et al. Prospects for Precise Predictions of a_μ in the Standard Model arXiv:2203.15810

Baryon and Lepton Number Violation

A. Abed Abud et al. (DUNE Collaboration) DUNE Physics Summary arXiv:2203.06100
T. Han et al. BSM Neutrino Physics: Complementarity across Energies arXiv:2203.06131
B. Batell et al. Heavy Neutral Lepton Searches at the Electron-Ion Collider arXiv:2203.06705
J. L. Barrow et al. Theories and Experiments for Testable Baryogenesis Mechanisms arXiv:2203.07059
L. Alvarez Ruso et al. (nuSTORM Collaboration) Neutrinos from Stored Muons (nuSTORM) arXiv:2203.07545
A. Armatol et al. Toward CUPID-1T arXiv:2203.08386
P. S. B. Dev et al. Searches for Baryon Number Violation in Neutrino Experiments arXiv:2203.08771
V. Cirigliano et al. Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: A Roadmap for Matching Theory to Experiment arXiv:2203.12169

Charged Lepton Flavor Violation

C. Hu et al. Ultrafast Inorganic Crystals with Mass Production Capability for Future High-Rate Experiments arXiv:2203.06788
S. Middleton et al. Experimental Searches for Muon to Electron Conversion in a Nucleus: COMET, DeeMe, and Mu2e arXiv:2203.07089
K. Byrum et al. Mu2e-II: Muon to Electron Conversion with PIP-II arXiv:2203.07569
J. Eldred et al. Design Considerations for Fermilab Multi-MW Proton Facility in the DUNE/LBNF era arXiv:2203.08276
M. Aoki et al. A New Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Program at Fermilab arXiv:2203.08278
A.-Y. Bai et al. Muonium to Antimuonium Conversion arXiv:2203.11406
S. Banerjee et al. Charged Lepton Flavor Violation in the Tau Sector arXiv:2203.14919
G. Hesketh et al. The Mu3e Experiment arXiv:2204.00001

Dark Sector Studies at High Intensities

S. Dreyer et al. Physics Reach of a Long-Lived Particle Detector at Belle II arXiv:2105.12962
D. Craik et al. LHCb Future Dark-Sector Sensitivity Projections for Snowmass 2021 arXiv:2203.07048
G. Aielli et al. The Road Ahead for CODEX-b arXiv:2203.07316
A. Aryshev et al. The International Linear Collider arXiv:2203.07622
M. Toups et al. PIP2-BD: GeV Proton Beam Dump at Fermilab's PIP-II Linac arXiv:2203.08079
M. Toups et al. SBN-BD: O(10 GeV) Proton Beam Dump at Fermilab's PIP-II Linac arXiv:2203.08102
T. Åkesson et al. Current Status and Future Prospects for the Light Dark Matter eXperiment (LDMX) arXiv:2203.08192
A. Apyan et al. DarkQuest: A Dark Sector Upgrade to SpinQuest at the 120 GeV Fermilab Main Injector arXiv:2203.08322
N. Baltzell et al. The Heavy Photon Search Experiment arXiv:2203.08324
R. Essig et al. Theory Frontier: Theory Meets the Lab arXiv:2203.10089
R. G. Van de Water et al. LANSCE-PSR Short-Pulse Upgrade for Improved Dark Sector Particle Searches with the Coherent Captain Mills Experiment arXiv:2204.01860
B. Batell et al. Dark Sector Studies with Neutrino Beams arXiv:2207.06898
B. Batell et al. Exploring Dark Sector Portals with High Intensity Experiments arXiv:2207.06905

Hadron Spectroscopy

J. Bulava et al. Hadron Spectroscopy with Lattice QCD arXiv:2203.03230
F. K. Guo et al. Hadron Spectroscopy at STCF arXiv:2203.07141
M. Albaladejo et al. Need for Amplitude Analysis in the Discovery of New Hadrons arXiv:2203.08208
M. Albaladejo et al. Hadron Spectroscopy in Photoproduction arXiv:2203.08290
N. Brambilla et al. Substructure of Multiquark Hadrons arXiv:2203.16583
R. Chistov et al. Review of CMS Contributions to Hadron Spectroscopy arXiv:2204.06667