Planning the Future of U.S. Particle Physics

The Snowmass 2013 Proceedings

Organized by
The Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society

Norman A. Graf, Michael E. Peskin, Jonathan L. Rosner

Particle physics research in the United States has been a vibrant field since the middle of the past century.
In the past thirty years the particle physics community has gathered periodically at Snowmass, Colorado, to
take stock of its progress and chart its future. The last such meeting was held in 2001.

The 2013 Community Summer Study was held on the campus of the University of Minnesota, July 29 to
August 6, 2013. It was designed to address the questions the particle physics community wishes to answer
over the next two decades, and how we plan to answer them. While we did not prioritize activities, our aim
was to ask and answer hard questions. Our aim has been to produce a resource book, of length and emphasis
similar to the Physics Briefing Book of the European Strategy Group, which will convey the health and diversity
of the U.S. program, in a global context, to our colleagues and fellow citizens. Although we found it convenient
to retain the "frontier" categories of the previous Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5), whose
last report was issued in 2008, the division of the field into such categories should not obscure our focus on
fundamental questions of physics, which, by their nature, cross such frontiers. These inter-frontier discussions
were a major component of the meeting in Minneapolis.

These proceedings are organized as follows: The Summary lays out the broad topics that were addressed during
the workshop and presented the major conclusions. This 50-page document contains a 7-page Executive Summary.
Following this, there is a web page for each Frontier — Intensity, Energy, Cosmic, Theory, Accelerator Capabilities,
Underground Capabilities, Instrumentation, Computing, and Communication, Education, and Outreach. Each of these
pages links to a summary report for the Frontier, the report of each of the Frontier working groups, and all White
Papers contributed to the discussion of that Frontier. The final link provides an 18-page Glossary of acronyms and
identifiers for the study.

Executive Summary

Intensity FrontierEnergy FrontierCosmic Frontier

Theory ReportAccelerator CapabilitiesUnderground Laboratory Capabilities 

InstrumentationComputingCommunication, Education & Outreach


The major reports from Snowmass have been issued together in book form:

The pdf file for the book is available at this link.

1. Summary of the 2013 Community Summer Study

2. Intensity Frontier

3. Energy Frontier

4. Cosmic Frontier

5. Theory

6. Accelerator Capabilities

7. Underground Laboratory Capabilities

8. Instrumentation

9. Computing

10. Communication, Education, and Outreach

11. Glossary