Computing FrontierComputing Frontier

Chapter 9: Computing Frontier
Conveners: L. A. T. Bauerdick and S. Gottlieb

Working Group Summary (arXiv:1401.6117)

Subgroup Reports:

40. Computing for the Cosmic Frontier 1311.2841
41. Computing for the Energy Frontier 1401.1840
42. Computing for the Intensity Frontier 1310.6964
43. Computing for Accelerator Science 1310.2203
44. Lattice Field Theory 1310.6087
45. Computing for Perturbative QCD 1309.3598
46. Distributed Computing and Facilities Infrastructure 1311.2208
47. Networking 1311.2478
48. Software Development, Personnel, and Training 1311.2567
49. Storage and Data Management 1311.4580

Contributed Papers:

Accelerator Science:

160 J.-L. Vay, et al. White Paper on DOE-HEP Accelerator Modeling Science Activities 1309.3541 (PDF)

Distributed Computing:

168 A. Avetisyan, et al. Snowmass Energy Frontier Simulations using the Open Science Grid 1308.0843 (PDF)


083 P. Canal, et al. A Vision on the Status and Evolution of HEP Physics Software Tools 1307.7452 (PDF)
090 S. V. Chekanov, et al. Next generation input-output data format for HEP using Google's protocol buffers 1306.6675 (PDF)
105 P. Elmer, et al. The Need for an R&D and Upgrade Program for CMS Software and Computing 1308.1247 (PDF)
111 M. Asai, et al. Geant4 - Current and Future 1308.1994 (PDF)

Intensity Frontier:

104 D. M. Asner , et al. Belle II Experiment Network and Computing 1308.0672 (PDF)

Lattice Gauge Theory:

144 T. Appelquist, et al. Lattice Gauge Theories at the Energy Frontier 1309.1206 (PDF)