Energy FrontierEnergy Frontier

Chapter 3: Energy Frontier
Conveners: R. Brock and M. E. Peskin

Working Group Summary (arXiv:1401.6081)

Subgroup Reports:

18. Higgs Boson 1310.8361
19. Precision Study of Electroweak Interactions 1310.6708
20. Quantum Chromodynamics and the Strong Force 1310.5189
21. Fully Understanding the Top Quark 1311.2028
22. New Particles, Forces, and Dimensions 1311.0299
23. Flavor Mixing and CP Violation at High Energies  

Contributed Papers:


002 J. Brau, et al. The International Linear Collider 1304.2586 (PDF)
031 J. Brau, et al. The Physics Case for an e+e- Linear Collider 1210.0202 (PDF)
054 J. S. Gainer, et al. The Matrix Element Method: Past, Present, and Future 1307.3546 (PDF)
065 H. Abramowicz, et al. Physics at the CLIC e+e- Linear Collider -- Input to the Snowmass process 2013 1307.5288 (PDF)
078 ATLAS Collaboration Physics at a High-Luminosity LHC with ATLAS 1307.7292 (PDF)
086 CMS Collaboration Projected Performance of an Upgraded CMS Detector at the LHC and HL-LHC 1307.7135 (PDF)
101 J-P. Delahaye, et al. Enabling Intensity and Energy Frontier Science with a Muon Accelerator Facility in the U.S 1308.0494 (PDF)
127 M. Bicer, et al. First Look at the Physics Case of TLEP 1308.6176 (PDF)
138 J. Anderson, et al. Snowmass Energy Frontier Simulations 1309.1057 (PDF)
167 A. Avetisyan, et al. Methods and Results for Standard Model Event Generation at \sqrt{s} = 14 TeV, 33 TeV and 100 TeV Proton Colliders 1308.1636 (PDF)
203 J. Anderson, et al. Benefits to the U.S. from Physicists Working at Accelerators Overseas 1312.4884 (PDF)


New Particles and Interactions:

028 H. Baer, et al. Naturalness, Supersymmetry and Light Higgsinos: A Snowmass Whitepaper 1306.2926 (PDF)
029 H. Baer, et al. Leaving no stone unturned in the hunt for SUSY naturalness 1306.3148 (PDF)
038 H. Baer, et al. SUSY discovery potential of LHC14 with 0.3-3~ab^{-1} 1306.5343 (PDF)
046 Y. M. Cho, et al. Mass of the electroweak monopole 1212.3885 (PDF)
066 H. Baer, et al. Physics Case for the ILC Project: Perspective from Beyond the Standard Model 1307.5248 (PDF)
082 M. V. Chizhov, et al. Hadron collider potential for excited bosons search 1307.7274 (PDF)
088 G. Artoni, et al. Prospects for collider searches for dark matter with heavy quarks 1307.7834 (PDF)
095 M. Cahill-Rowley, et al. pMSSM Studies at the 7, 8 and 14 TeV LHC 1307.8444 (PDF)
097 Y. M. Cho, et al. Electroweak Monopole Production at the LHC 1307.8390 (PDF)
102 M. Berggren, et al. Non-Simplified SUSY: stau-Coannihilation at LHC and ILC 1307.8076 (PDF)
114 A. Anandakrishnan, et al. Gluino bounds: Simplified Models vs a Particular SO(10) Model 1308.2232 (PDF)
126 D. Hayden, et al. Z Prime: A Story 1308.5874 (PDF)
133 T. Liu, et al. Exotic Higgs Decay h to 2a at the International Linear Collider 1309.0021 (PDF)
134 E. W. Varnes Vector-like B pair production at future pp colliders 1309.0788 (PDF)
136 J. Anderson Excited quark production at a 100 TeV VLHC 1309.0845 (PDF)
139 E. Dudas, et al. Collider signatures of low scale supersymmetry breaking 1309.1179 (PDF)
144 T. Appelquist, et al. Lattice Gauge Theories at the Energy Frontier 1309.1206 (PDF)
147 S. Godfrey, et al. Z' Discovery Reach at Future Hadron Colliders 1309.1688 (PDF)
166 S. Bhattacharya, et al. Prospects for a Heavy Vector-Like Charge 2/3 Quark T search at the LHC with \sqrt{s} =14 TeV and 33 TeV 1309.0026 (PDF)
173 M. Berggren, et al. Electroweakino Searches: A Comparative Study for LHC and ILC 1309.7342 (PDF)
179 M. Saelim, et al. RPV SUSY with Same-Sign Dileptons at LHC-14 1309.7707 (PDF)
188 K. Agashe, et al. Warped Extra Dimensional Benchmarks for Snowmass 2013 1309.7847 (PDF)
193 T. Cohen, et al. A Comparison of Future Proton Colliders Using SUSY Simplified Models 1310.0077 (PDF)


161 B.L.G Bakker, et al. Light-Front Quantum Chromodynamics : A framework for the analysis of hadron physics 1309.6333 (PDF)

Higgs Boson:

006 T. Ma, et al. Unified Field Theory and Principle of Representation Invariance 1212.4893 (PDF)
033 E. Eichten, et al. The Muon Collider as a H/A Factory 1306.2609 (PDF)
037 W. Chou, et al. HFiTT - Higgs Factory in Tevatron Tunnel 1305.5202 (PDF)
064 I. Gogoladze, et al. 125 GeV Higgs Boson From Gauge-Higgs Unification 1307.5079 (PDF)
072 V. Barger, et al. Discriminators of 2 Higgs Doublets at the LHC14, ILC and MuonCollider(125) 1307.3676 (PDF)
079 P. Onyisi, et al. Analysis of t tbar H Events at sqrt(s)=14 TeV with H -> WW 1307.7280 (PDF)
091 N. Maru et al. Diphoton and Z photon Decays of Higgs Boson in Gauge-Higgs Unification 1307.8181 (PDF)
100 M. Cahill-Rowley, et al. Constraints on Higgs Properties and SUSY Partners in the pMSSM 1308.0297 (PDF)
106 I. M. Lewis Closing the Wedge with 300 fb^-1 and 3000 fb^-1 at the LHC 1308.1742 (PDF)
113 Y. Alexahin, et al. Muon Collider Higgs Factory for Snowmass 2013 1308.2143 (PDF)
118 C-Y. Chen Projections for Two Higgs Doublet Models at the LHC and ILC 1308.3487 (PDF)
121 M. A. Ajaib, et al. Higgs and Sparticle Masses from Yukawa Unified SO(10) 1308.4652 (PDF)
123 V. I. Telnov Comments on photon colliders for Snowmass 2013 1308.4868 (PDF)
129 W. Yao Studies of measuring Higgs self-coupling with HH-> b bbar gamma gamma at the future hadron colliders 1308.6302 (PDF)
159 I. Anderson, et al. Constraining anomalous HVV interactions at proton and lepton colliders 1309.4819 (PDF)
183 E. Brownson, et al. Heavy Higgs Scalars at Future Hadron Colliders 1308.6334 (PDF)
185 H. Okawa, et al. Prospects on the search for invisible Higgs decays in the ZH channel at the LHC and HL-LHC 1309.7925 (PDF)
194 R. Goncalo, et al. Sensitivity of LHC experiments to the t t-bar H final state, with H -> b bbar, at center of mass energy of 14 TeV 1310.0292 (PDF)
195 D. M. Asner, et al. ILC Higgs White Paper 1310.0763 (PDF)
197 J. Adelman, et al. Study of top pair+Higgs (Higgs->dimuon) production in the three lepton channel at sqrt{s} = 14 TeV 1310.1132 (PDF)
202 M. E. Peskin Estimation of LHC and ILC Capabilities for Precision Higgs Boson Coupling Measurements 1312.4974 (PDF)

Precision Electroweak:

052 A. Freitas, et al. Exploring Quantum Physics at the ILC 1307.3962 (PDF)
181 C. Degrande, et al. Monte Carlo tools for studies of non-standard electroweak gauge boson interactions in multi-boson processes 1309.7890 (PDF)
189 C. Degrande, et al. Studies of Vector Boson Scattering And Triboson Production with DELPHES Parametrized Fast Simulation for Snowmass 2013 1309.7452 (PDF)
199 J. Rojo, et al. PDF uncertainties in the extraction of MW at the LHC 1309.1311 (PDF)

Top Quark:

008 N. Kidonakis Theoretical results for top quark production 1304.7775 (PDF)
077 S. Berge, et al. Charge Asymmetry in Top Pair plus Jet Production 1307.6225 (PDF)
027 B. Auerbach, et al. Studies of highly-boosted top quarks near the TeV scale using jet masses at the LHC 1301.5810 (PDF)
076 R. Calkins, et al. Reconstructing top quarks at the upgraded LHC and at future accelerators 1307.6908 (PDF)
096 D. Asner, et al. Top quark precision physics at the International Linear Collider 1307.8265 (PDF)
120 Z. Sullivan Next-to-leading order pp -> W' -> tb production at 14 TeV and 33 TeV 1308.3797 (PDF)
130 B. Schoenrock, et al. Single top quark cross section measurement in the t-channel at the high-luminosity LHC 1308.6307 (PDF)
148 A. Avetisyan, et al. Search for top partners with charge 5e/3 1309.2234 (PDF)
149 T. Andeen, et al. Sensitivity to the Single Production of Vector-Like Quarks at an Upgraded Large Hadron Collider 1309.1888 (PDF)
150 D. Stolarski Reach in All Hadronic Stop Decays 1309.1514 (PDF)
153 A. Jung, et al. Kinematics of Top Quark Final States 1309.2889 (PDF)
154 J. Adelman, et al. Determining Top Quark Couplings at the LHC 1308.5274 (PDF)
155 J. Adelman, et al. Top Couplings: pre-Snowmass Energy Frontier 2013 Overview 1309.1947 (PDF)
171 E. Drueke, et al. Searches for resonances in the tb and tc final states at the high-luminosity LHC 1309.7043 (PDF)
174 I. Iashvili, et al. Discovery potential for heavy t-tbar resonances in dilepton+jets final states 1309.7684 (PDF)
192 Z. Han, et al. Stealth Stops and Spin Correlation 1310.0356 (PDF)