Chapter 8: Instrumentation
Conveners: M. Demarteau, R. Lipton, H. Nicholson and I. Shipsey

Working Group Summary (arXiv:1401.6116)

Subgroup Reports:

36. Instrumentation for the Energy Frontier 1309.0162
37. Instrumentation for the Intensity Frontier 1309.6704
38. Sensors 1310.5158
39. Integrated Circuit Design in U.S. High Energy Physics 1307.3241

Contributed Papers:

Data Acquisition:

042 W. H. Smith Trigger and Data Acquisition for hadron colliders at the Energy Frontier 1307.0706 (PDF)


Detector Systems:

070 G. Brooijmans, et al. ATLAS Upgrade Instrumentation in the US 1307.5769 (PDF)
119 B. Bilki, et al. CMS Upgrade: Forward Lepton-Photon System 1308.2446 (PDF)
125 B. Bilki, et al. Development of Imaging Calorimetry 1308.5929 (PDF)
128 B. Bilki, et al. SLHC Endcap Hadron Optical Calorimetry Upgrades in CMS with Applications to NLC/T-LEP, Intensity Frontier, and Beyond 1308.5939 (PDF)
131 Y. Onel, et al. Quartz Plate Calorimetry for CMS HE Upgrade 1308.6554 (PDF)


Emerging Technologies:

058 G. Deptuch, et al. 3D Technologies for Large Area Trackers 1307.4301 (PDF)
107 A. Albayrak-Yetkin,
et al.
Secondary Emission Calorimetry: Fast and Radiation-Hard 1307.8051 (PDF)
108 A. Albayrak-Yetkin,
et al.
Quartz Capillary Cladding Anthracene and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon(PAH)-Core Scintillating/WLS Fibers for High Rates and Radiation Damage Resistance 1307.8376 (PDF)
109 C. Sanzeni, et al. Ultra-Low Index and Rad-Hard Total Internal Reflection Claddings for High Numerical Aperture Scintillating, Waveshifting, Cerenkov, or Clear Optical Fibers, Capillaries, and Plates 1308.0326 (PDF)
110 G. Jennings, et al. Novel Compact Accelerator-Based Neutron and Gamma Sources for Future Detector Calibration 1308.0327 (PDF)
122 R-Y Zhu The Next Generation of Crystal Detectors 1308.4937 (PDF)
137 M. Hohlmann Printing out Particle Detectors with 3D-Printers - a Potentially Transformational Advance for HEP Instrumentation 1309.0842 (PDF)
200 J. Xie, et al. High Performance Photocathodes based on Molecular Beam Epitaxy Deposition for Next Generation Photo Detectors and Light Sources
1310.2649 (PDF)


Gaseous Detectors:

025 M. Hohlmann, et al. Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors for Charged-Particle Tracking and Muon Detection 1306.1924 (PDF)



039 S.V. Chekanov Next generation input-output data format for HEP using Google's protocol buffers 1306.6675 (PDF)