Cosmic FrontierCosmic Frontier

Chapter 4: Cosmic Frontier
Conveners: J. L. Feng and S. Ritz

Working Group Summary (arXiv:1401.6085)

Subgroup Reports:

24. WIMP Dark Matter Direct Detection 1310.8327
25. WIMP Dark Matter Indirect Detection 1310.7040
26. Non-WIMP Dark Matter 1310.8642
27. Dark Matter Complementarity 1310.8621
28. Dark Energy and CMB 1309.5386
29. Cosmic Probes of Fundamental Physics 1310.5662


Contributed Papers:


023 M.W. Cahill-Rowley, et al. pMSSM Benchmark Models for Snowmass 2013 1305.2419 (PDF)
040 Pierre Auger Collaboration The Next Frontier in UHECR Research with an Upgraded Pierre Auger Observatory 1307.0226 (PDF)
093 L.A. Anchordoqui, et al. Roadmap for Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Physics and Astronomy 1307.5312 (PDF)


Cosmic Probes of Physics:

004 S. R. Klein, et al. Neutrino Absorption in the Earth, Neutrino Cross-Sections, and New Physics 1304.4891 (PDF)
007 VERITAS Collaboration VERITAS contributions to CF6-A: Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays and Neutrinos 1304.6764 (PDF)
009 F. Krennrich, et al. The Extragalactic Background Light (EBL): A Probe of Fundamental Physics and a Record of Structure Formation in the Universe 1304.8057 (PDF)
010 A. Weinstein, et al. The impact of astrophysical particle acceleration on searches for beyond-the-Standard-Model physics 1305.0082 (PDF)
011 J. Dumm, et al. Gamma-ray Signatures of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Line-of-sight 1305.0253 (PDF)
015 N. Otte, et al. Tests of Lorentz Invariance Violation with Gamma Rays to probe Quantum Gravity 1305.0264 (PDF)
116 E. G. Adelberger Torsion-balance probes of fundamental physics 1308.3213 (PDF)
117 F. Halzen, et al. IceCube: Neutrino Physics from GeV - PeV 1308.3171 (PDF)

Dark Energy and CMB:

026 T. Treu, et al. Dark energy with gravitational lens time delays 1306.1272 (PDF)
092 S.W. Allen, et al. Measuring Cosmic Distances with Galaxy Clusters 1307.8152 (PDF)
165 R. Poltis Testing Chameleons Using Neutron Interferometry 1309.6951 (PDF)

Dark Matter Complementarity:

034 H. Baer, et al. Exploring natural SUSY via direct and indirect detection of higgsino-like WIMPs 1306.4183 (PDF)
035 M. Cahill-Rowley, et al. Complementarity and Searches for Dark Matter in the pMSSM 1305.6921 (PDF)
071 M. McCaskey, et al. The NMSSM at the Cosmic Frontier for Snowmass 2013 1307.0851 (PDF)

non-WIMP Dark Matter:

022 K. Lawson, et al. Quark (Anti)Nugget Dark Matter 1305.6318 (PDF)
030 K. J. Bae, et al. Implications of mixed axion/neutralino dark matter for the Cosmic Frontier 1306.2986 (PDF)
169 G. Carosi, et al. Probing the axion-photon coupling: phenomenological and experimental perspectives 1309.7035 (PDF)

WIMP Direct Detection:

051 J. L. Feng, et al. Isospin-Violating Dark Matter Benchmarks for Snowmass 2013 1307.1758 (PDF)
201 J. Cooley, et al. Low Background Materials and Assay - A Supplement to the Cosmic Frontier CF1 Summary 1311.3311 (PDF)

WIMP Indirect Detection:

005 A. W. Smith, et al. Status and Prospects of The VERITAS Indirect Dark Matter Detection Program 1304.6367 (PDF)
012 J. Vandenbroucke, et al. Fundamental Physics with Charged Particle Measurements at the Cherenkov Telescope Array
1305.0022 (PDF) 
013 C. Hailey, et al. Dedicated Indirect Searches for Dark Matter Using Antideuterons 1305.0234 (PDF)
016 M. Wood, et al. Prospects for Indirect Detection of Dark Matter with CTA 1305.0302 (PDF)
017 D. Nieto, et al. Search for Dark Matter Subhalos in the High-Energy Gamma-ray Band with Fermi and the Cherenkov Telescope Array 1305.0312 (PDF)