Intensity FrontierIntensity Frontier

Chapter 2: Intensity Frontier
Conveners: J.L. Hewett and H. Weerts

Working Group Summary (arXiv:1401.6077)

Subgroup Reports:

12. Neutrinos 1310.4340
13. Baryon Number Violation 1311.5285
14. Charged Leptons 1311.5278
15. Quark Flavor Physics 1311.1076
16. Nucleons, Nuclei, and Atoms 1312.5416
17. New Light Weakly Coupled Particles  1311.0029

Contributed Papers:


001 K. Lesko Why the US Needs a Deep Domestic Research Facility: Owning rather than Renting the Education Benefits, Technology Advances, and Scientific Leadership of Underground Physics 1304.0402 (PDF)
019 S. Holmes, et al. Project X: A Flexible High Power Proton Facility 1305.3809 (PDF)
021 S. Glashow Particle Physics in the United States: A Personal View 1305.5482 (PDF)
024 V.Shiltsev, et al. Issues and R&D Required for the Intensity Frontier Accelerators 1305.6917 (PDF)
055 A. Kronfeld, et al. Project X: Physics Opportunities 1306.5009 (PDF)
056 S. Holmes, et al. Project X: Accelerator Reference Design 1306.5022 (PDF)
063 D. Asner, et al. Project X: Broader Impacts 1306.5024 (PDF)
101 J-P. Delahaye, et al. Enabling Intensity and Energy Frontier Science with a Muon Accelerator Facility in the U.S 1308.0494 (PDF)
103 D. Kaplan, et al. Measuring Antimatter Gravity with Muonium 1308.0878 (PDF)
128 B. Bilki, et al. SLHC Endcap Hadron Optical Calorimetry Upgrades in CMS with Applications to NLC/T-LEP, Intensity Frontier, and Beyond 1308.5939 (PDF)
186 J. Berger, et al. The CP-violating pMSSM at the Intensity Frontier 1309.7653 (PDF)


Charged Leptons:

044 K. Knoepfel, et al.   Feasibility Study for a Next-Generation Mu2e Experiment 1307.1168 (PDF)
182 C.-h. Cheng, et al. The next generation of mu -> e gamma and mu -> 3e CLFV search experiments 1309.7679 (PDF)



003 D. Asner, et al. Predicting Reactor Antineutrino Emissions Using New Precision Beta Spectroscopy 1304.4205 (PDF)
041 M.Bishai, et al. Precision Neutrino Oscillation Measurements using Simultaneous High-Power, Low-Energy Project-X Beams 1307.0807 (PDF)
045 P. Bakht, et al. Measuring Dirac CP-violating phase with intermediate energy beta beam facility 1307.0965 (PDF)
047 C. Aberle, et al. Whitepaper on the DAEdALUS Program 1307.2949 (PDF)
048 M. G. Aartsen, et al. PINGU Sensitivity to the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy 1306.5846 (PDF)
049 L. Winslow Next-Generation Liquid-Scintillator-Based Detectors: Quantums Dots and Picosecond Timing 1307.2929 (PDF)
060 S. Betts, et al. Development of a Relic Neutrino Detection Experiment at PTOLEMY: Princeton Tritium Observatory for Light, Early-Universe, Massive-Neutrino Yield 1307.4738 (PDF)
067 R.G. Robertson, et al. KATRIN: an experiment to determine the neutrino mass from the beta decay of tritium 1307.5486 (PDF)
069 R. N. Cahn, et al. Measuring the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy 1307.5487 (PDF)
073 P. Adamson, et al. CHerenkov detectors In mine PitS (CHIPS) Letter of Intent to FNAL 1307.5918 (PDF)
074 P. Adamson, et al. R&D Argon Detector at Ash River (RADAR) - Letter of Intent 1307.6507 (PDF)
080 X. Qian, et al. A Second Detector Focusing on the Second Oscillation Maximum at an Off-axis Location to Enhance the Mass Hierarchy Discovery Potential in LBNE10 1307.7406 (PDF)
081 C. Adams, et al. Scientific Opportunities with the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment 1307.7335 (PDF)
087 A.B. Balantekin,
et al.
Neutrino mass hierarchy determination and other physics potential of medium-baseline reactor neutrino oscillation experiments 1307.7419 (PDF)
098 M. Messier, et al. Extending the NOvA physics program 1308.0106 (PDF)
112 P.S. Bhupal Dev,
et al.
Probing TeV Left-Right Seesaw at Energy and Intensity Frontiers 1308.2151 (PDF)
117 F. Halzen, et al. IceCube: Neutrino Physics from GeV - PeV 1308.3171 (PDF)
135 T. Nakaya, et al. Hyper-Kamiokande Physics Opportunities 1309.0184 (PDF)
152 M. Elnimr, et al. The OscSNS White Paper 1307.7097 (PDF)
157 H. Berns, et al. The CAPTAIN Detector and Physics Program 1309.1740 (PDF)
163 S. A. Alavi, et al. Neutrino Spin Oscillations in a Black Hole Background in Noncommutative Spaces 1301.5977 (PDF)
164 E. Baussan, et al. A Very Intense Neutrino Super Beam Experiment for Leptonic CP Violation Discovery based on the European Spallation Source Linac 1309.7022 (PDF)
170 P. J. Doe, et al. Project 8: Determining neutrino mass from tritium beta decay using a frequency-based method 1309.7093 (PDF)
172 A. de Gouvea , et al. Opportunities in Neutrino Theory 1309.7338 (PDF)
175 O. Palamara, et al. Exclusive Topologies reconstruction in LAr-TPC experiments: a Novel Approach for precise Neutrino-Nucleus Cross-Sections Measurements 1309.7480 (PDF)
176 C. Adams, et al. LAr1-ND: Testing Neutrino Anomalies with Multiple LArTPC Detectors at Fermilab 1309.7987 (PDF)
177 Daya Bay Collaboration Prospects For Precision Measurements with Reactor Antineutrinos at Daya Bay 1309.7961 (PDF)
178 Z. Djurcic, et al. PROSPECT - A Precision Reactor Neutrino Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment at Very Short Baselines 1309.7647 (PDF)
190 D. Akimov, et al. Coherent Scattering Investigations at the Spallation Neutron Source 1310.0125 (PDF)
191 R. Dharmapalan,
et al.
A new investigation of numu -> nue oscillations with improved sensitivity in the MiniBooNE+ experiment 1310.0076 (PDF)
204 J. Rosner Sterile neutrinos in the grand unified group E6 1401.2402 (PDF)


Nucleons, Nuclei, Atoms:

094 M.W. Ahmed, et al. Parity Violation in Photonuclear Reactions at HIGS 1307.8178 (PDF)


Quark Flavor Physics:

043 LHCb Collaboration,
et al.
Implications of LHCb measurements and future prospects 1208.3355 (PDF)
085 G. Bodwin, et al. Quarkonium at the Frontiers of High Energy Physics 1307.7425 (PDF)


Weakly Coupled Particles:

068 J. Balewski, et al. DarkLight: A Search for Dark Forces at the Jefferson Laboratory Free-Electron Laser Facility 1307.4432 (PDF)
165 R. Poltis Testing Chameleons Using Neutron Interferometry 1309.6951 (PDF)