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Scientific Program and Proceedings

Monday 8 September Tuesday 9 September Wednesday 10 September Thursday 11 September


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Louis Lyons Preface paper

Session 1 - Session Chairman: Bob Cousins

Eric Feigelson Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy paper spires
Roger Barlow Introduction to Statistical Issues in Particle Physics paper spires
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Session 2 - Session Chairman: John Rice

Brad Efron Bayesians, Frequentists, and Physicists paper spires
Philip Stark Using What We Know: Inference with Physical Constraints paper spires
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Session 3:A - Session Chairman: Bill Murray

James Linnemann Measures of Significance in HEP and Astrophysics paper spires
Wolfgang Rolke How to Claim a Discovery paper spires
Francesco Terranova Scan Statistics in High Energy Physics paper spires
Alfred Scharff Goldhaber Supernova 1987A Neutrino Signal: Statistical Power of a Small Sample paper spires
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Session 3:B - Session Chairman: Pekka Sinervo

Joel Heinrich Pitfalls of Goodness-of-Fit from Likelihood paper spires
Kay Kinoshita An Unbinned Goodness-of-Fit Test Based on the Random Walk paper spires
Rajendran Raja A Measure of the Goodness of Fit in Unbinned Likelihood Fits; End of Bayesianism? paper spires
Ilya Narsky Goodness of Fit: What Do We Really Want To Know? paper spires
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Session 4:A - Session Chairman: Glen Cowan

Peter Shawhan Fundamental Issues in Statistical Detection of Physical Phenomena paper spires
Giovanni Punzi Sensitivity of Searches for New Signals and Its Optimization paper spires
Bruce Knuteson Systematic Analysis of HEP Collider Data paper spires
William Quayle Challenges in Moving the LEP Higgs Statistics to the LHC paper spires
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Session 4:B - Session Chairman: Jim Linneman

Gunter Zech A Multivariate Two-Sample Test Based on the Concept of Minimum Energy paper spires
Volker Blobel Some Comments on $\chi^2$ Minimization Applications paper spires
Maria Grazia Pia A Software Toolkit for Statistical Data Analysis paper spires
Alberto Ribon Code-Testing of Statistical Test Implementations paper spires
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Session 5 - Session Chairman: Jogesh Babu

Persi Diaconis A place for Philosophy? Bayesian Statistics in 2003    
David Van Dyk Highly-Structured Statistical Models in High-Energy Astrophysics paper spires
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Session 6 - Session Chairman: Eric Feigelson

Bob Nichol Data mining cosmological data sets: the need for fast and efficient algorithms    
Pekka Sinervo Definition and Treatment of Systematic Uncertainties in High Energy Physics and Astrophysics paper spires
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Session 7:A - Session Chairman: Roger Barlow

Ricard Vilalta Evaluating and Constructing Features For Identification of Tau Leptons paper spires
Sang-Joon Lee Application of Adaptive Mixtures and Fractal Dimension Analysis Technique to Particle Physics paper spires
Jean-Francois Cardoso Separation of independent components from multi-detector measurements. Application to spectral estimation of the Cosmic Microwave Background    
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Session 7:B (Parallel) ROB Building 48, Redwood Room C/D - Session Chairman: Volker Blobel

Gunter Zech Binning-Free Unfolding Based on Monte Carlo Migration paper spires
Kristian Zarb Adami Variational Methods in Bayesian Deconvolution paper spires
Alexander Bukin A Comparison of Methods for Confidence Intervals paper spires
Giovanni Bonvicini Maximal Information Analysis: I - Various Wayne State Plots paper spires
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Session 8:A (Parallel) ROB Building 48, Redwood Room A/B - Session Chairman: Richard Mount

Ofer Levi Multiscale Geometric Analysis for 3-D Galaxy Catalogs    
Andrew Askew Event Selection Using Adaptive Gaussian Kernels paper spires
Jeffrey Scargle Adaptive Piecewise-constant Modeling of Signals in Multidimensional Spaces paper spires
Thomas Loredo Bayesian Adaptive Exploration in a Nutshell paper spires
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Session 8:B - Session Chairman: Gunter Zech

Aaron Roodman Blind Analysis in Particle Physics paper spires
Lee Finn Data analysis challenges of gravitational wave astronomy    
Alain Bellerive Constraints on Neutrino Mixing Parameters with the SNO data paper spires
Peter Litchfield A Feldman-Cousins Likelihood Analysis of Soudan 2 Data for Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations paper spires
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Session 9 - Session Chairman: Gary Feldman

Seth Digel Statistical Issues in High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy for GLAST paper spires
Frank Porter Statistical Issues in Particle Physics -- A View from BaBar paper spires
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Session 10 - Session Chairman: Bill Murray

Jerry Friedman Recent Advances in Predictive (Machine) Learning paper spires
Harrison Prosper Multivariate Analysis: Past, Present and Future    
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Session 11:A - Session Chairman: Dean Karlen

Jim Loudin A Multivariate Method for Comparing N-dimensional Distributions paper spires
Kyle Cranmer Multivariate Analysis from a Statistical Point of View paper spires
Byron Roe Event Selection Using an Extended Fisher Discriminant Method paper spires
Gary Hill Optimizing the Limit Setting Potential of a Multivariate Analysis Using the Bayes Posterior Ratio paper spires
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Session 11:B - Session Chairman: Jeffrey Scargle

David Newman Point Processes and the Analysis of Collision Data paper spires
Creon Levit The Hyperwall    
Gunter Zech A Simple Iterative Alignment Method Using Gradient Descending Minimum Search paper spires
Gregory Dubois-Felsmann Techniques for handling theoretical uncertainties: general tools and application to global CKM fits    
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Session 12:A - Session Chairman: Tom Loredo

Benjamin Wandelt MAGIC: Exact Bayesian Covariance Estimation and Signal Reconstruction for Gaussian Random Fields paper spires
Giovanni Punzi Comments on Likelihood Fits with Variable Resolutions paper spires
Lucio Baggio Setting Confidence Intervals in Coincidence Search Analysis paper spires
Florencia Canelli Optimal Use of Information to Measure Top Quark Properties paper spires
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Session 12:B - Session Chairman: Nancy Reid

Evan Scannapieco Temporal Bias in the Clustering of Massive Cosmological Objects paper spires
Roger Barlow Asymmetric Errors paper spires
Luc Demortier Constructing Ensembles of Pseudo-Experiments paper spires
Kyle Cranmer Frequentist Hypothesis Testing with Background Uncertainty paper spires
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Session 13 - Session Chairman: Jerry Friedman

Nancy Reid Likelihood Inference in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters paper spires
Fred James A Unified Approach to Understanding Statistics paper spires
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Session 14 - Session Chairman: Fred James

Chris Genovese Doing Cosmology with balls and envelopes    
Benjamin Wandelt Statistical Challenges of Cosmic Microwave Background Analysis paper spires
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Session 15 - Session Chairman: Louis Lyons

Daniel Stump Uncertainties of Parton Distribution Functions paper spires
Panel Discussion paper spires
Panel Discussion Questions paper spires
Jerome Friedman On Multivariate Goodness-of-Fit and Two-Sample Testing paper spires
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Session 16 - Session Chairman: Brad Efron

John Rice A View of PHYSTAT 2003 paper spires
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Additional Submissions

Sergei Redin Some Basic Statistical Equations for Histogram Fitting paper spires
S.I. Bityukov and N.V. Krasnikov Incorporating Systematics and Statistical Uncertainties into Exclusion Limits paper spires
E.E. Kuruoglu Bayesian Separation of Independent Sources in Astrophysical Radiation Maps Using MCMC paper spires
D. Herranz, E.E. Kuruoglu, and L. Toffolatti Using alpha-Stable Distributions to Model the P(D) Distribution of Point Sources in CMB Sky Maps paper spires
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