Energy Conservation Tips

  1. Turn equipment and lights off after hours.
  2. Keep your exterior and freight doors closed as much as possible.
  3. Turn off fluorescent lights when leaving an area for more than 10 minutes. Turn off incandescent lights when leaving areas for any period of time. 
  4. In areas with sufficient day lighting, turn off lights. 
  5. Use task lighting and turn off general lighting, where it is feasible to maintain sufficient lighting levels for safety and productivity. 
  6. Turn off printers when not in use. 
  7. Turn off monitors when not in use. 
  8. If available, use lap top computers, they use up to 90 percent less energy than a standard computer. 
  9. Refer to SLAC SCS web page  for instructions on how and when to shutdown your CPU
  10. Ensure personal appliances, such as coffee pots are turned off, especially in the afternoon; heat coffee in a microwave. 
  11. Close window blinds to shade your rooms from direct sunlight.
  12. Keep freezer compartments of the refrigerators free of ice build up.
  13. Ensure that ventilation grilles are not blocked.
  14. Where feasible, schedule high electrical energy use processes during off-peak periods.
  15. When appropriate, use e-mail instead of sending memos and faxing documents.
  16. When acceptable, use double-sided printing. 
  17. Try not to use copiers during peak demand period; turn off selected copiers; ensure power saver switch on copiers is enabled.
  18. Choose ENERGY STAR® products whenever possible.
  19. Turn off redundant refrigerators.

Note: Summer peak usage hours: Noon – 6:00 pm

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Program Highlights

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California Energy Management

Choose ENERGY STAR Products

Federal Executive Order 13123 of June 3, 1999 calls for Federal agencies, when acquiring energy-using products, to purchase ENERGY STAR® products (if life-cycle cost-effective and available). For product groups where ENERGY STAR® labels are not yet available, we are required to select products that are in the upper 25 percent of energy efficiency as designated by the DOE Federal Energy Management Program.

For more information go to ENERGYSTAR.GOV.

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Waste of Energy Through "Vampire Devices"

Federal Executive Order 13221 of July 31, 2001 (Energy-Efficient Standby Power Devices) states the following:

Each agency, when it purchases commercially available, off-the-shelf products that use external standby power devices, or that contain an internal standby power function, shall purchase products that use no more than one watt in their standby power consuming mode. If such products are not available, agencies shall purchase products with the lowest standby power wattage while in their standby power consuming mode.

For more information go to the Standby Power Data.

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